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Statement from Chief Public Health Officer of Canada on July 28, 2021
Chaotic year 12 return leaves far too many critical Covid-safety questions unanswered
Expert provides insight on sports and mental health
New study identifies factors associated with increased drinking during lockdown
Calling all Climate Champions: Climate Grants close soon
Neuroscientists posit that brain region is key locus of learning
Support for those in need
Statement from Chief Public Health Officer of Canada on July 22, 2021
Integrating mental health into HIV prevention and care: call to action
Shadow dog with two forever homes
Major intervention from government and lenders to support leaseholders
UK Government intervenes to support leaseholders as report finds no systemic fire risk in flats under 18 metres
Knowledge and support improve menopausal health
Research reveals transcendental meditation reduces emotional stress and improves academics
Which students are at most risk of mental health problems during COVID-19 lockdowns?
Message to Community of Albany
Researchers Develop Screening Tool to Measure Anxiety in Children with Food Allergies
Fish friends help in crisis
Cannabis: sexually diverse young people with depression use more
People becoming desensitized to COVID-19 illnesses, death
Sexually diverse youths with depression use more
Appearance related anxiety – and tool which is helping people post-lockdown
Attacks by armed group displace 20,000 civilians in eastern DRC
No ‘one size fits all’ for access
$2 million to improve Australia’s lung health
Can walking in water ease Parkinson’s symptoms?
Preparation Can Help Dogs Cope with Their People Returning to Work
Two NFB shorts screening at 2021 Fantasia film festival. Richard Suicide’s Centre-Sud Chronicles and Samuel Cantin’s Turtle Syndrome
Post-Zoom: shifts in work space
Bella and Barney: inseparable pair
Please explain: Can we control our dreams?
A third of young people reported worsening mental health during pandemic
A third of teens, young adults reported worsening mental health during pandemic
Norris Friend Launches New Self-Help Book
Five ways to strike a happy, healthy, and safe balance as England team shoots for Euro 2020 glory amidst COVID-19 pandemic
Lotterywest grants to help reconnect after COVID
Helpline important for older people during pandemic
New online home for natural disaster support
New warning on teen sleep
Coming together for support and recovery
VR study finds vertical greenery useful as stress buffer
Neurons Search for Understanding
Healthcare professionals are failing smell loss patients
Public demand for stricter policing method
Eating disorder behaviors alter reward response in brain
A good night’s sleep key for children with autism, study shows
Inter-yeti – taking internet by storm to teach kids online safety
Blue Mountains eLibrary is always open