Gender Ideology and Australia’s Federal Election

Australian Conservatives Release

The Conservative Party is warning that the May 18 Federal Election could change the very character of Australian society if we don’t elect enough Australian Conservatives Senators.

The Epoch Times reports, while there is much debate in the media about economic issues, there has been very little comment about the social agenda contained in the Australian Labor Party’s 302 page long policy document.

The ALP policy document is freely available from the ALP website, but given its size, few voters will take the time to read it.

A quick reading reveals that the ALP has fully embraced the radical LGBTQI political agenda. The term sexual orientation appears 19 times. There are 55 mentions of intersex. The term LGBTI is used 44 times. The term Queer occurs 16 times and transgender 35 times. The terms lesbian, bisexual, gay occur 29, 30 and 28 times respectively. Transphobia and biphobia get mentioned twice. Surprisingly, homophobia only occurs 3 times. Gender occurs 100 times, including 21 mentions of gender identity.

The ALP has taken a big risk in embracing the LGBTQI agenda so wholeheartedly, as it will alienate many of their supporters in the ethnic communities.

Historically, Labor supporters in ethnic communities have been socially conservative. But it seems that the ALP no longer wants to accommodate the wishes of conservative voters.

Among the policies that will disturb socially conservative voters is Labor’s commitment to embracing the Yogyakarta Principles, which include removing gender from government documents, such as birth certificates, drivers licences etc.

Labor is also committing to funding a variety of gender ideology promotion programs in schools, which teach among other things, that gender is fluid, and that no one can tell a child whether they are a boy or a girl; that is up to the child to decide what gender they want to embrace.

The Safe Schools program that caused so much controversy and which the Liberal Government defunded, will be re-instituted under a Labor Government. It seems Labor is determined to indoctrinate children with this ideology.

The problem that parents face is that unless they can afford private schooling for their children, they can not prevent their children being exposed to this ideology, which results in many children suffering from gender confusion. Labor has also committed to requiring LGBTQI content in all sex education courses in schools.

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