GPHL’s first overseas scholarship established in partnership with University of Auckland

The recent Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations has not just helped various civilizations flourish through dialogues and exchanges, but also driven China’s national brands to integrate into the world with stronger cultural confidence. On 18 May, Zhang Shuofu, Secretary of the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, led a delegation to Auckland, New Zealand, for Tripartite 2019 for Guangzhou, Auckland and Los Angeles. Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (GPHL) also joined in the delegation and established an overseas scholarship in partnership with University of Auckland.

In Tripartite 2019 with the health industry as one of the topics, GPHL expressed its view on the future trend of the health industry. “Life science is also a philosophy of life. The mainstream of global health in the future will focus not only on life science, but also the philosophy. The concept of preventive treatment of disease, valued by the traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sector, is expected to go mainstream worldwide. I believe that the integration of Chinese and Western medicine will contribute more to global health,” said Li Chuyuan, chairman of GPHL, in his speech on Tripartite 2019.

In this New Zealand trip, GPHL joined hands with the Confucius Institute in Auckland to launch a series of activities themed “in dialogue with the world through TCM culture”. On 20 May, GPHL granted the Confucius Institute with the title of Shennong Caotang TCM Culture Communication Center. Going forward, the two parties will strengthen cooperation in areas like core talents training, R&D and TCM education to speed up the mutual-learning between TCM and global health philosophies, in ways to grant the globalization of TCM with a more solid foundation of talents, science and technology.

The company also signed the agreement with the University of Auckland to set up the Wang Lao Ji Auspicious Culture Ambassador Scholarship to fund students for their internships in Guangzhou. This effort will help cultivate ambassadors to spread TCM and auspicious cultures, and enhance the innovative development of TCM.

“‘Ji’ in Chinese, meaning the pursuit for a better life and serving as the key to all the beautiful things, equals to ‘auspiciousness’ in English. We are committed to bringing more auspiciousness to the world and sharing the healthy auspicious culture and products of China,” explained Li Chuyuan.

GPHL’s support in the overseas communication and academic development of the TCM culture would attract more young faces to learn Chinese culture, ensuring integrated growth of diverse cultures, said Yao Zaiyu, president of the Confucius Institute in Auckland.

The exhibition of New Zealand TCM Auspicious Culture, hosted by Wang Lao Ji, also took place at the University of Auckland, attracting a large audience, with many expecting to gain a deeper understanding of the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

As the world’s biggest production base of Chinese patent medicine, GPHL is home to 10 China Time-honored Brands including Wang Lao Ji, each with a history of more than 100 years, with its sales volume of 116 billion yuan in 2018. Inheriting the essence of traditional Chinese cultural values, the company will further empower its products and embrace the world with culture, in ways to push forward the exchanges and mutual-learning among civilizations.

Source: Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (GPHL)

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