Growing Our Agricultural Sector to Create Jobs: New Mango Varieties

The Northern Territory could soon be exporting two new varieties of mango if trials being undertaken by the Territory Labor Government are successful.

Department of Primary Industry and Resources experts are testing the new varieties to see how well they stand up to disinfestation treatment most overseas markets require this treatment for biosecurity reasons.

The mangoes were flown from Darwin to Cairns and Brisbane earlier this month to undergo irradiation, vapour heat treatment or hot water treatment. These treatments eliminate the threat of pests such as fruit fly.

The mangoes were then flown back to Darwin where they have been undergoing post-harvest assessment in the laboratory at Berrimah Farm to determine if any of the treatments affected the quality of the fruit.

The new varieties are higher yielding than many of the mangoes grown in the Territory, and one has a different production time, which could extend the season.

As stated by Minister for Primary Industry and Resources, Ken Vowles:

Agribusiness is one of the economic drivers of the Northern Territory, and the Territory Labor Government is establishing new markets and expanding existing ones to create jobs.

Mangoes are a Territory icon and we experienced a bumper season last year.

There is great scope for Territory mangoes to play a larger part on the world stage. If we can grow more varieties that are fit for export, produce a higher yield and extend the season, we can grow our share of the market.

As stated by Member for Katherine, Sandra Nelson:

Mangoes are a huge contributor to Katherines economy and research such as this, which began at the Katherine Research Station, could create more jobs in the region.

The Katherine Research Station is an important part of the Territory Labor Governments efforts to develop and support our agribusiness sector by delivering research that can make a real difference at the farm gate.

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