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New traffic light system explores dos and don’ts for healthy, happy date
Solar Orbiter shows Sun as never seen before
Arabidopsis thaliana shoots regenerate better in balmy conditions
Heterogeneous Ethylene Hydroformylation Enables Highly-efficient Industrial Production of Propanal/n-Propanol
Latrobe hydrotherapy pool officially re-opened
Business department to move HQ to heart of Whitehall
Rolling out green carpet for local football clubs
Spider can hide underwater for 30 minutes
Controlling Heat Flow in Solid by Switching Crystal Structure Dimensionality
Labor betrayal on live export
NPSP adopts its first ever Tree Strategy with focus on climate change, biodiversity and beautiful streets
Backyard chicken welfare
Man who chained dog to clothesline in heat sentenced
Government’s Winter Energy Payment kicks in for over 1 million Kiwis
Promising strategy to configure NiCoP4O12/NiCoP nanowire arrays for ultrastable supercapacitor
Small, mini, nano: world’s smallest gear wheel
Classifying Exoplanet Atmospheres Opens New Field of Study
University of Toronto geoexchange project to reduce emissions, boost sustainability learning
Controlling heat flow in solid by switching crystal structure dimensionality
Researchers Optimize Design of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Coil with Iron Core
Deformation of hydrogel is used to measure negative pressure of water
Is climate change increasing wildfires?
Research predicts thawing of gas-saturated permafrost around oil and gas wells of Russian Arctic
Rescue – Central Australia
New Polymer Materials Make Fabricating Optical Interconnects Easier
Energy transition and lowering temperature of buildings at WUR
3D printing smart clothes with new liquid metal-alginate ink
Spruce up your garden with half price native plants
Interior Department Releases Five-Year Monitoring, Maintenance and Treatment Plan to Address Wildfire Risk
Better photoelectrodes through flash heating
Step closer towards high-performance organic thermoelectrics
Accelerating write/erase cycles in all-optical magnetization switching
Material that Could Save Industries Heat
Kayakers rescued in Drik Drik
Coughing mice and fight against pertussis
Contract award for Ararat to Maryborough Line upgrades
Live export betrayal will harm animals
Engineering quantum states in solids using light
New marking method gives biologists better way to identify individual animals at night
Researchers use ‘butterfly attractor’ to control and change weather
Chaos theory provides hints for controlling weather
Macquarie Asset Management and BCI invest in National Grid gas transmission and metering
Police seek information on Vehicle fire in Katherine 24 March
Curator Talks at Armidale Folk Museum
Arsenic Makes Black Phosphorus Hop for Energy Efficiency
Social housing shortfall risks homelessness in Sunshine Coast: Report
Nuclear Reactor Power Levels Can Be Monitored Using Seismic and Acoustic Data
Update 21 – IAEA Director General Statement on Situation in Ukraine