Hapless Hodgman Government barely raises a whimper on a legislative agenda

Tasmanian Labor
  • Number of Bills introduced by Liberals in 2019 one of
    lowest on record
  • Hodgman Government proves it has no legislative agenda
  • Will Hodgman fails to make life better for Tasmanians
  • As the
    parliamentary sitting year draws to a close, the Hodgman Government has
    reinforced its reputation as a notoriously unproductive and dysfunctional
    Government for yet another year.

    The Liberals have
    introduced just 55 Bills in 2019, the least amount of Bills on record for a
    non-election year*. Fewer again have
    been progressed beyond their initial reading

    Leader of
    Opposition Business, David O’Byrne, said the shocking figure was testament of
    the Hodgman Government’s clear lack of agenda.

    “This is a
    Government with no legislative agenda and whose go-to move has been to recycle
    unsuccessful Bills in a desperate attempt to distract from their inability to
    address the real issues facing Tasmanians,” Mr O’Byrne said.

    “Historically when in Government, Labor has introduced an average of 86
    Bills to Parliament versus the Liberals 61 Bills – but this year the Hodgman
    Government has been in particularly poor form and introduced just 55 Bills.

    “Even amidst the chaos of an election year it is typical that the
    Government would introduce more than 55 Bills.

    “While Tasmania’s jobless rate gets worse
    and the health crisis amplifies and thousands can’t get a roof over their
    heads, Will Hodgman and his Government are doing nothing in Parliament
    to make lives better for Tasmanians and they should be ashamed.

    “Tasmanians deserve better than this notoriously unproductive and dysfunctional Government.”

    David O’Byrne

    Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Assembly

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