Have a say on address locality boundaries in Hornsby lga

NSW Geographical Names Board
The Geographical Names Board is seeking community feedback on two proposals from Hornsby Shire Council which aim to improve water-based addressing in the council area.
Currently Hornsby Shire Council has both a suburb and a water feature called Berowra Creek which can create confusion.

The first proposal seeks to absorb the suburb of Berowra Creek and a portion of the suburb of Berrilee into the suburb of Berowra Waters.

Berowra Creek will remain the name of the water feature.

The second proposal seeks to name a reach located within Berowra Creek (water feature) as Silverwater Reach.

A reach is defined as a comparatively straight part of a river or channel between two bends. The reach is located south of Dusthole Bay, in the suburb of Berowra Waters.

The name Silverwater is derived from ‘Silverwater Estate’ which was the name given to the original subdivision of the land.

The name has been used by the community since the survey plan’s registration in 1926.

Chair of the Geographical Names Board Narelle Underwood said that clear, consistent and unambiguous addresses are important for service delivery and public safety.

“An important element of determining new suburb boundaries is giving residents the opportunity to have a say,” Ms Underwood said.

“It is important that place names reflect the character and history of the local area and community.

“The board is encouraging community

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