Have your say on Victoria’s sheep and goat duty rate

Sheep and goat producers and industry are invited to have their say on the future amount of the state’s sheep and goat duty, which is under review.

The duty, charged on the sale of sheep and goats in Victoria, was set at 12 cents in 1999 and has remained at that rate since. Agriculture Victoria Director of Food Regulation and Biosecurity Policy, Angela Brierley, said that the consultation would inform the review of the duty amount.

“This consultation is an opportunity to help determine what is an appropriate level to support programs of benefit to the industry,” Ms Brierley said. The online consultation opened on the Engage Victoria website on 15 August and will run until 2 September 2019. Producers selling sheep and goats either pay the duty directly to the State Revenue Office, or their livestock agent collects and pays it on their behalf.

Currently, the funds support projects and program benefitting industry, such as raising awareness of biosecurity practices. The Sheep and Goat Compensation Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Minister for Agriculture about expenditure. The fund also allows for compensation to be paid to producers for sheep and goats in the circumstance they are affected by a declared endemic disease.

This review comes on the back of the sheep and goat industry going through major reform, having transitioned from a mob-based identification process to an electronic identification system over the last few years.

“The review considers increasing expenditure on programs and projects and the ongoing subsidisation of National Livestock Identification System (Sheep) electronic identification tag costs for producers beyond 2021,” Ms Brierley said.

“There are six options provided for the ongoing sheep and goat duty amount, so we really want to hear from producers and industry regarding which of these they think is the right path.”

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