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National Research Council of Canada and Corteva are teaming up to boost protein in canola
Rookwood Weir milestones flow as project moves into new stage
New research shows food system is responsible for a third of global anthropogenic emissions
New research shows food systems are responsible for a third of global anthropogenic emissions
Irrigating leucaena in Burdekin
Warning on mice baiting
EYCI bucks trend to hit new record
$7.5 million up for grabs through NSW Fencing Northern Basin Riverbanks Program
$3.45 million project to eradicate sheep blowfly from KI
New measures announced to fight tomorrow’s drought today
Water infrastructure grants to aid KI bushfire recovery
Farmers And Businesses To Benefit From Network Expansion
New research shows greenhouse gas emissions from food systems are a third of global anthropogenic emissions
New research shows greenhouse gas emissions from food systems are on rise
Researcher warns UK is unprepared for climate change
Testing nutrient cycles for sustainability calls for nuance: smaller is not always better
Agriculture Education Takes A Virtual Leap On Farm
Farmers plead guilty to array of animal cruelty charges
A-UK FTA: A quality outcome with a long-term partner
Agricultural production hits new record
Alpaca jumper for a Chile journey
Business investment booming in Victorian farm sector – survey shows
Queensland farmers “back in driver’s seat” – rural confidence climbs as drought recovery continues
NSW farmers riding high with another good year on horizon
Water rates for farmers: It isn’t how much you use, it’s what you grow that matters
Curly pig tail only possible if all parties take responsibility
Industry stalwart Ray Scott recognised in honours list
Program to Develop Leadership Skills and Inspire Careers in Agriculture
Rural Crime Squad investigation
GERF launches appeal to support flood-affected Gippsland communities
Nicotinamide can “immunize” plants to protect from fungal disease
Global food trade is buoyant, as are prices
P an important piece of productivity puzzle
Analysing Korea’s high performance for Australian red meat
Goatmeat production plummets over 10 years
Grainfed cattle make up 50% of beef production
UK statement on meeting of Withdrawal Agreement Joint Committee 9 June 2021
Sheep flock to increase to over 68 million
Crackdown on livestock worrying in England and Wales
Off-farm activities are a growing share of food-system greenhouse gas emissions
10,000-year-old bones reveal earliest goat herders’ practices
Livestock producers urged to prepare for cold snap
Popularity runs in families
Have you considered joining a farmer group?
Fight against Tropical Soda Apple continues
Australian Beef – Feed Your Greatness
Evolution of Lactase Persistence in Sudan and South Sudan
Dry seeding kicks off 2021-22 grain season