Hunter drone warning



Hunter region drone flyers have been warned to always follow the air safety rules.

This follows the detection of a number of drones in the Hunter region in restricted airspace and flying too high.

Drones must not be flown with 5.5 kilometres of an airport and must stay under 120 metres at all times.

Drone flyers in the Hunter must keep out of airspace around local aerodromes, particularly the busy Williamtown airport.

There are also a number of helicopter landing sites, including the Westpac base.

CASA spokesman Peter Gibson said recently drones had been detected flying too close to Williamtown aerodrome, which can put aircraft at risk.

“It is very important that drone flyers stay at least 5.5 kilometres from airports at all times to avoid the risk of a mid-air collision with an aircraft,” Mr Gibson said.

“People must not fly a drone where aircraft are operating and that includes places where helicopters take off and land.

“There are large penalties for breaking the drone rules – fines range from $1050 to $10,500.”

CASA has a free app to show drone flyers where it is safe to fly. They should always use the ‘Can I Fly There?’ app before flying.

Get the app here:

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