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Researchers Discover ‘Spooky’ Similarity In How Brains and Computers See
Highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N8 found in wild mute swans
AI methods of analysing social networks find new cell types in tissue
Investigation uncovers fake Singaporean licences used in WA
University researchers are developing an accurate, five-minute COVID-19 test
Diagnosing Parkinson’s disease with skin samples could lead to earlier detection
No sweat: Terahertz waves can image early-stage breast cancer without staining
Police arrest man after ABF seize parts of 11 childlike sex dolls
New Study Provides Insight into Early Molecular Changes in Head and Neck Cancer
ABF arrests man after seizing parts of 11 childlike sex dolls
Seeing no longer believing: manipulation of online images
NSW growers advised to monitor for fall armyworm
Former bank employee charged over attempted $21 million fraud
Milestone Moment: Mastercard’s Girls4Tech Reaches 1 Million Girls in 30 Countries
Grain growers urged to look for fall armyworm in crops
NTU spin-off Zero Error Systems launches new radiation-protection chips for satellites and autonomous vehicles
Detecting early-stage failure in electric power conversion devices
Council selects smart water meter devices for trial
Joint training strengthens air defense capability
Nuclear Science Week Honors Nuclear Science, Technology, Engineering
New lab test clarifies potential protective effects of COVID-19 antibodies
552kg of cocaine found in banana pulp from Brazil
2020 FSU Dirac Lectures to include Nobel Prize-winning physicist
Finding one elusive bird
Shortages of COVID-19 and Other Testing Supplies Identified by ASMs Data Collection Tool
Bunker Bay gets two new-generation shark monitoring receivers
Dstl’s new counter-terrorism facility opened by Queen
Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Reveals Rare Disorder
A TSU biologist has found a rare species of tick
Summit Biolabs, Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine to develop saliva tests for COVID, head & neck cancer
Inexpensive and rapid testing of drugs for resistant infections possible
Single Laser Produces High-Power Dual Comb Femtosecond Pulses
Smart dashboard should predict regional outbreaks COVID-19
In Seychelles, Nuclear Science Helps Safeguard Consumers
In Seychelles, Nuclear Science Helps Safeguard Consumers
New device to revolutionise childbirth
Maths model key to aerial detection system
A Billion Tiny Pendulums Could Detect Universe’s Missing Mass
Evelyn Mullen named American Nuclear Society Fellow
Computer Security: From digital trenches
First scientific description of a previously unknown Streptococcus species of Chacoan peccaries
Automatically raising alarms when aircraft approach and land without warning
First Fall armyworm detected in NSW
Scientists discover mosquitoes’ unique blood-taste detectors
Black police officers disciplined disproportionately for misconduct, IU research finds
Seeing World in New Colors
Future biosensor for continuous monitoring using molecular look-alikes
Immunity memory cells stay stable over time after recovery from COVID-19