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Drivers reported for street racing
Tiny, Injectable Sensors Could Monitor Brain Activity without Surgery or Implants
Solar radio signals could be used to monitor melting ice sheets
IATA Calls on States to Follow WHO Guidance on Cross-Border Travel
New evidence of an anomalous phase of matter brings energy-efficient technologies closer
Liquid metal sensors and AI could help prosthetic hands to ‘feel’
Safer Pedestrian Crossings For Students
More action for healthy reef
5D imaging of ultrafast phenomena
New Children’s Surgery Verification Program standards emphasize patient care expectations
Joint MOU targets fight against acquisition fraud, corruption
Gestational diabetes increases risk of fetal hypoxia during labour
Phasecraft reveals a more efficient method for modelling electrons in materials
University of Toronto partnership to train self-driving cars to handle tough winter conditions
NASA Launches Entrepreneurs Challenge to Identify Innovative Ideas
Astrophysicists detect first black hole-neutron star mergers
USAFA Cadet Summer Program returns to Tyndall AFB
SRM 3389 Ginsenoside Calibration Solutions
Dimensional perspective on anti-corruption in OSCE context UK statement
Blue Jay unveils drone that evacuates elderly in case of fire in nursing homes
Researcher Abir Monastiri, awarded by Arab Women Organization in fight against coronavirus
LHAASO’s Measurement of Crab Nebula Brightness Yields New UHE Gamma-ray Standard
Kimberley weather services receive boost with upgraded Broome radar
Ecologists compare accuracy of lidar technologies for monitoring forest vegetation
Instant COVID sensor to prevent outbreaks and protect communities
Study reveals uncertainly around efficacy and safety of low back pain analgesics
Phone/seatbelt cameras out to catch drivers anywhere, anytime
NIST Prize Challenge Launches Research for Unmanned Aircraft in Search and Rescue
New WHO recommendations issued to improve access to rapid molecular tests for detection of TB and drug-resistant TB
Cyber-attack evaluation: crisis organisation worked well
Researchers Propose Advanced Network for Object Detection
Small Amount of Lithium Production in Classical Nova
Toyota boosts style and safety for landcruiser Prado
A man in moon: why our brains see human faces everywhere
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on COVID-19 Response and Vaccination Program 7 July
Wildfire detection takes flight
ALICE is “FIT” for Run 3 after last new subdetector installation
Scientists help fight biosecurity threat
KAI Challenge: swimming 120 kilometres in Costa Brava for its environmental protection
New study seeks to improve identification of inherited high cholesterol
Trial Keeps Victorians Moving Safely Through Intersections
Control Area expanded past Bridgewater Bay
Kalgoorlie radar upgrade delivers better information for Australia’s largest outback city
Psoriasis in joints: New EU project aims to improve treatment options
Lockdown extended for Brisbane and Moreton Bay regions
Permanent national firearms amnesty
First commercially scalable integrated laser and microcomb on a single chip
Newly discovered genetic variants in a single gene cause neurodevelopmental disorder