ImpactLadder Launches Impact Accelerator – Next-Generation Online Personal & Professional

ImpactLadder, a global people development company today announced the public launch of its Impact Accelerator program.

Impact Accelerator is an online personal & professional development program designed to help people accelerate their evolution from competent to credible, then exceptional, then extraordinary.

The program enables individuals to increase their recognition, opportunities and income by enhancing their impact, and enables teams and companies to lift their performance by developing the most important asset in their business — their people.

“At this time of rapid business and technological change and disruption, the best thing we can be doing right now is teaching our people about people, adaptability and impact,” said Sidney Minassian, Founder of ImpactLadder.

The Impact Accelerator program by ImpactLadder has three important differentiations:

1. Focus and Philosophy

Unlike the traditional corporate rhetoric which over-emphasises teamwork, customer-service, sales and shareholders, ImpactLadder is founded on the philosophy that to develop and lead performant people, teams and companies, leaders must first help individuals with their personal development and growth.

Integrated Approach

2. Unlike ad-hoc skills training and temporary tactics, the Impact Accelerator is an integrated program designed to develop mindset, skills and habits across the 7 Impact Competencies. The program includes training, live coaching calls, an online community and support.

3. Supportive Growth Environment

Unlike traditional one-day soft-skills training sessions that are often awkward, hyped and not sustainable, ImpactLadder’s online solutions enable people to learn when it’s most convenient for them and the ongoing coaching and community provides motivation, accountability and support creating a learning and growth environment that is safe, relatable and inspiring.

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