Katy Perry confirms new album, tour in 2017

– Katy Perry has sure been taking a long break from music. However, the wait for her next album may end soon as the 31-year-old pop superstar has confirmed that a follow-up to her 2013 chart-topper “Prism” is already in the works, AceShowbiz said.

In a chat with Showbiz 411 when she was attending the Cannes Film Festival, Perry also revealed that she’d support her new full-length with a tour next year. “I’m touring in 2017,” she told the news outlet.

Her latest opus, “Prism”, came out in 2013 and spawned several hit singles including “Roar” and “Dark Horse” that peaked at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100. Since dropping the project and wrapping up the “Prism” tour, she made more headlines for her alleged feud with Taylor Swift, her on-and-off romance with John Mayer and her new relationship with Orlando Bloom.

Back in February, Perry explained in an interview why she’s in no rush to release her next album. “I’ve been going at it for eight or nine years in the spotlight, and then before that there’s that decade of hustle that never gets recognized but still shows up in your wrinkles,” she shared.

“So right now I’m taking a little time. I don’t want to jump on any trends. I just need to evolve. I do my records in a more traditional way, where the cycle is three years, so that once I start writing them, I know exactly where I’ll be in spring of 2018. That can get a little bit like ‘Ugh.’ I need a little bit more freedom, especially when I’ve been doing it for this long,” she added.