Leading sector change to embed quality dementia care as core business

Dementia Australia

Leading local and international experts on dementia care will convene in Sydney on 24 March for the Dementia Australia National Symposium 2020 – Dementia care is quality care.

The National Symposium will be the culmination of the Dementia Australia Quality Care Initiative, a project that has focused on raising the quality of dementia care.
One of the speakers will be Dr Lisa Trigg, Assistant Director, Research, Data and Intelligence, Social Care Wales, UK, whose presentation will focus on what relationship-centred quality looks like and how aged care professionals can identify if they are delivering it.
“This is excellent timing for Dementia Australia’s National Symposium to discuss quality care – and how human rights need to be the centre of how it is delivered,” Dr Trigg said.
“I look forward to presenting this interactive session that will explore different understandings of quality, how it is defined and the implications for assessing quality.”
In Dr Trigg’s presentation, the concept of relationship-centred quality will be explained, delegates will have the opportunity to reflect upon their own organisations and the type of quality they are concerned with and how they are assessing how well this is being achieved.
Dr Trigg is an international expert on improving quality in long-term care and supports people working in care in Wales with evidence and research to inform policy and service design.
She was called to give evidence to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety on the area of person-centred care.
Before joining Social Care Wales, Lisa spent seven years as a researcher at the London School of Economics and Political Science with much of it comparing the approaches of different governments to improving the quality of long-term care, including the systems of several European countries, Australia, Japan and the United States.
Prof John Pollaers OAM, Chancellor, Swinburne University and Executive Chairman, Leef Independent Living Solutions will also present.
Prof Pollaers will focus on leading sector change that will ensure quality dementia care is core business and the key outcomes from the Dementia Australia Quality Dementia Care Roundtable held in November 2019.
“Taking a holistic approach to care means that a whole range of factors – including clinical, functional and cognitive health, cultural needs and living well aspirations – will be at the heart of how we support all Australians, including people impacted by dementia,” Prof Pollaers said.
“I will discuss how the strategies that came out of the Quality Dementia Care Roundtable, together with the implementation of the Aged Care Workforce Strategy, are reshaping our thinking around leadership and workforce capacity.
“These strategies aim to better meet the needs of people impacted by dementia – and all people accessing aged care services.”
Prof Pollaers was the Chair of the Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce, whose work led to the development of a comprehensive strategy to address the workforce issues confronting the aged care sector in the matter of care report.
He also gave evidence at the Royal Commission about the progress of the Taskforce’s recommendations.
He is a passionate advocate for education and training, the care of senior Australians and including more people with disability in work and training.
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