Lifesaving Medevac Legislation to be repealed

National Council of Churches in Australia.


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Lifesaving Medevac Legislation to be repealed

We are deeply concerned that today the Federal Government has voted to repeal the Medevac Legislation.

There are still over 500 women and men in PNG and Nauru who remain there because the Australian Government refuses them entry into Australia. Some have been in this situation for six long years.

At the very least, it is our duty as a civilised country to provide the necessary health care for these people when it is unavailable to them in either PNG or Nauru. Doctors are the appropriate people to be entrusted with these medical decisions.

We do not believe that the Medevac legislation has been open to misuse. Instead it has been saving lives.

Having taken this action, the Government must immediately open a humane resettlement pathway for these people and guarantee that seriously ill people in PNG and Nauru will receive the appropriate health care.

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