New Discovery Channel Series to Feature Shanghai’s ‘Amazing Achievements’

The Discovery Channels new all-access documentary series “How China Works II” hosted by world-renowned architect Danny Forster has been released. During the three-part series, he gains unprecedented access to the inner workings of China’s biggest city, Shanghai.

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The new anthology is deeply rooted in the work and life of Chinese entrepreneurs, scientists, officials and ordinary people, giving audiences a panoramic view of Chinese society while presenting the unique achievements and development plans of modern China.

“New Ways of Life”

During the first episode, audiences are presented with a visual banquet of Shanghai’s new culture creation program, with young people showcasing their talents via online live-streaming and video games. Viewers can also look forward to Danny’s performance in the new stage play Tomb Notes, which started life as a popular online novel, and a tour of an innovative new Mexican restaurant, highlighting how continued economic and technological development brings cultural prosperity to the city.

“A Networked World”

The second episode focuses on the achievements of Shanghai in the fields of scientific and technological innovation, with Danny working on a VR commercial while delving into the intricacies of this emerging technology. Acrophobes beware! Danny takes viewers on the city’s first 360-degree virtual reality rollercoaster, hovering over the famous city skyline and capturing the avant-garde applications of this dynamic new technology in action.

“The Power of Planning”

The final episode features the unique Shanghainese community spirit, where all elements of the city come together to enhance and support the development of the city through consultation and planning. The futuristic Shanghai Zhangjiang High-technology park and its state-of-the-art Synchrotron Light Source Lab is provided as an example of the forward-thinking actions of the city authorities.

How China Works II was developed with support from the Shanghai News Office in coordination with the Discovery Asia-Pacific TV Network, China Intercontinental Communication Centre and China State Council Information Office. The program, first aired in Australia and New Zealand on 29th September, is to be broadcast in Korean, Thai, Hindi, Telugu, Malay, Vietnamese, Cantonese, English, Tamil, Bengali, and additional local and regional languages.

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