Only Liberal Democrats will block Labor’s taxes

Senator Duncan Spender has committed the Liberal Democrats to stop Bill Shorten’s tax hikes.

“Labor and the Greens are likely to form Government, but won’t control the Senate. A vote for the Liberal Democrats will ensure that Labor’s $200 billion of tax increases are blocked.

“Other minor parties won’t commit to blocking Labor’s taxes and can’t be trusted.

“One Nation loves high taxes on unpopular groups. One Nation voted for higher company taxes, a new bank tax, higher taxes on foreign investors and a higher international tourist tax (the passenger movement charge).

“Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party talks in platitudes and can’t be relied on for anything.

“Senator David Leyonhjelm voted against every tax hike since his election in 2013, and the Liberal Democrats will continue this legacy.

“Labor’s reintroduction of the 2 per cent deficit levy will lift the top income tax rate to 49 per cent. When anyone earns $10,000, no one should take $4,900 of this. The income of high income earners is theirs.

“Labor’s negative gearing plan will reduce housing supply, making Australians worse off.

“Labor’s franking credits plan robs Australians who are attempting to support themselves in their retirement of their tax-free threshold by removing refunds for company tax they have already paid.

“Labor’s 30 per cent tax on discretionary trust distributions also unfairly robs other Australians of their tax-free threshold.

“Labor’s superannuation tax hikes extend the double taxation of savings. This reduces self reliance.

“The Liberal Democrats will block Labor’s spending too. We need smaller government.”

/Public Release.