Police brutality eroding trust in NSW authorities

Videos keep emerging of police officers in the NSW and other states using excessive and undue force while arresting people for alleged Covid-19 lockdown breaches (protesting or wearing no mask).

On Tuesday, NSW Police said they responded to near 70 protests across the state, more than a third of which were held in the state’s north as part of coordinated demonstrations against lockdown measures.

Anger, desperation and frustration are mounting across Australia as protesters say they are growing tired of “politically-motivated” lockdowns that have so far failed to curb surging Covid-19 cases.

Despite the risks posed by such protests, many across the state choose to attend protests to express their frustration over the ongoing restrictions that they believe are mistargeted and cause unnecessary harm to lives and livelihoods.

Hundreds of people, especially from the state’s north have been sending emails to media outlets to complain about police brutality and disproportionate use of force, which they argue, are what turn otherwise peaceful protests violent.

Residents insist the behaviour of police officers under pressure and order from the minister are undermining trust in not just the law enforcement but also the state and federal government.

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Our trust will never been won back,” writes a 41-year-old healthcare worker from the far north coast.

“Sick and tired” NSW residents are also “frustrated with the ABC and SBS” which they accuse of broadcasting “Afghanistan” and “stuff that nobody cares” 24 hours a day instead of what Australians at breaking point across the nation are going through.

Below are some videos of excessive police action in the different states, especially NSW circulating on social media.

Note: Everybody understands and appreciates police officers’ putting their own lives at risk to protect members of the community, but it is hard to justify the use of unnecessary and excessive force against fellow Australians in these cases, especially where, as seen in many videos online, there are no threats or resistance against police.