Renewable tyro campaigning to turn Australian CBDs green

Tango Energy

One year ago, Tango Energy and its wholesale partner Pacific Hydro Australia partnered with Melbourne City Council to connect Melbourne businesses and organisations directly to renewable energy project, Crowlands wind farm, near Ararat in Victoria’s west.

Named the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project (MREP 1.0) it brought 14 partners operating within the CBD area together – including NAB, Australia Post, Melbourne University, and Zoos Victoria – to help fund the development of the Crowlands wind farm.

In that time, MREP 1.0 has delivered 88GWh of energy (a third of Crowlands’ capacity): the equivalent of taking 22,000 of cars off the road for a year, or powering 17,600 households. The carbon abatement is equivalent to almost 100,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution.

The success of the program can be measured by the fact that MREP version 2.0 recently launched with seven new participants taking part. MREP 1.0 will run to 2028 and MREP 2.0 to 2030.

The ten year deals allow Pacific Hydro to build large scale renewable projects like windfarms, solar farms, and hydro, which require large outlays of capital.

The benefits for businesses and organisations are not just about meeting environmental or triple bottom line targets, but locking in affordable and competitive electricity rates for a decade.

While Tango Energy is thrilled to be extending its engagement with Melbourne City Council in MREP 2.0 it is looking to go national, partnering with councils in cities across Australia, or directly with business.

‘We are thrilled to be partnering with Melbourne City Council once more to deliver affordable green energy to business through MREP 2.0,’ said Domenic Capomolla, CEO of Tango Energy.

‘We know through MREP 1.0 that this model works: affordable energy with a conscience. Now we want to extend it: to provide direct renewable energy to businesses, organisations, and consumers across Australia.

‘Whether that’s working with councils, or connecting business directly to new wind, solar, or hydro projects, we’re open for business and to have that discussion,’ said Mr Capomolla.

Tango Energy is employing the same leading edge technology used in its large scale solar projects across Australia in its consumer offering.

‘We are an energy company that really believes in renewables and will be rolling out some exciting domestic offers in the next six months,’ said Mr Capomolla.

‘While some energy providers are ambivalent about providing renewable technology direct to business or the consumer, Tango Energy is fully on board.’

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