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Colours of hydrogen explained
Construction sites encouraged to ‘Get Site Right’ this May
Environmental Response exercise to take place on St. Clair River, Ontario
Policymakers underestimate methane’s climate and air quality impacts
UKs largest disaster simulation exercise takes place in Hampshire
What ice cream, domino and water management have in common
Delivering water quality we all want to see
Bathing water season begins in Devon and Cornwall
Nature conservation in Dutch Caribbean
Whale carcass proves tasty snack for beetles
Climate investments provide path to economic security
Survey shows majority of Coalition voters support reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and government focus on climate change
Bathing water season begins for 2022
World Migratory Bird Day illuminates dark side of light pollution
Proclamation on National Defense Transportation Day And National Transportation Week, 2022
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease causes premature aging of immune system
Paper or plastic?
Study Provides Methods for Obtaining Source Apportionment of Soil Heavy Metals
Adopting Low-Carbon Energy Can Reduce Racial Disparities in Air Pollution
Foreign flagged ships detained in UK during April 2022 under Paris MOU
Darlington pair sentenced after major diesel fire leads to evacuation of homes
Almost ready to row – and to make big scientific contribution
Protecting fungi
Queen Mary confirmed as leading research-intensive university
Trouble brewing for popular coffee maker
WWF Statement on Colorado EPR Legislation
Successful canadian, Inuit and UK research teams announced for major new Arctic research programme
Efficient production technique for novel ‘green’ fertilizer
Roofers and builders reminded to follow duty of care
Australian scientists share why science matters
Kick Morrison out to save Reef
AI sediment prediction tool ‘world first’ for Reef
Wildfire smoke exposure during pregnancy may impact birth weight: Study
Wildfire smoke exposure in pregnancy may impact birth weight: Study
Engineer Xin Zhang Awarded 2022 Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship
Smoke from wildfires ages in atmosphere
Micro- and nanoplastic from atmosphere is polluting ocean
Scientists Develop Highly Sensitive SERS Substrate for Gas Sensing
Scientists discover interaction between nanoplastics and bacteria
Permit variations issued for Horse Hill oilfield
Citizen science study detects vast amount of microplastics in Catalan bathing areas
What are anti-nutrients and why are they important for researchers to consider?
Heart Failure 2022: improving outcomes for all patients with heart failure
Aotearoa sets course to net-zero with first three emissions budgets
Biologists examine low-cost ways to improve urban streams
Anglian Water could and should have reacted quicker to pollution
Maules Creek Coal ordered to pay $158,000 for water pollution
EPA fines Poowong landholder over dairy effluent spill