ScoMo does have an agenda

Australian Conservatives Release

The widespread media consensus that Prime Minister Scott Morrison has “no agenda” is fake news.

The Coalition’s victory on Saturday has pleased Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi, despite the Coalition attracting many conservative voters to its common sense agenda.

An opinion piece in today’s Australian Financial Review says most critics do not see the agenda because they are projecting their own political prejudices.

ScoMo’s agenda is about empowering individual exertion, aspiration and productivity through lower taxes, smaller government, balanced budgets and investments in infrastructure, education, health and national security that create equality of opportunity while fostering individual and collective success.

His core agenda contrasts strikingly with Labor’s attempts to mute individual aspiration by handicapping the hardest workers in our community through higher taxes and by advocating equality of outcomes.

In Labor’s world, if you work harder you should pay much more tax in absolute dollar terms and take home lower pay as a share of your salary. Put differently, you are actually encouraged to work less.

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