Sexiest suburbs in Australia for 2019

The Hot Spot

Well, the results are in. After analysing statistics from online adult toy retailer The Hot Spot, the sexiest suburbs for each State have been revealed.

The sexiest suburbs are based on the number of adult toys purchased across 2019.

For those living in Victoria, Essendon came in number 1 in Australia for purchasing an adult toy in 2019.

Joondalup was a surprise winner for Western Australia, and Maryborough was the sexiest suburb in Queensland. For those in Sydney, Coogee was the favourite for New South Wales.

If you’re after some fun in South Australia, Norwood is the suburb to head to. In the Northern Territory, Fannie Bay is where you’ll find the action. The sexiest suburb in Tasmania goes to Gelnorchy in the south.

Here’s the top 3 sexiest suburbs for each state in Australia for 2019.


  1. Essendon
  2. Dromana
  3. Pakenham

New South Wales:

  1. Coogee
  2. Coffs Harbour
  3. Bankstown


  1. Maryborough
  2. Alexandra Hills
  3. Townsville

Western Australia

  1. Joondalup
  2. Waikiki
  3. Yanchep

South Australia:

  1. Norwood
  2. Prospect
  3. Roxyby Downs

Northern Territory:

  1. Fannie Bay
  2. Palmerston
  3. Humpty Doo


  1. Glenorchy
  2. Burnie
  3. Launceston

“The combination of the advancement of adult toy technology and a more open and relaxed view on sex in modern times has seen the sales of adult toys increase over the last decade,” says Justin Easty, Manager at

“Nowadays it is more common than not to find some kind of adult toy in the bed side table of both single and couples across the country.”

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