Stack Overflow will charge for code copy paste

Popular developer collaboration platform Stack Overflow has started displaying a popup to its users informing them that they will have to pay  $89.99 (pre-order-special $39.99) to continue to use its copy-paste features.

Stack Overflow as an online community allows users to ask, answer,  and vote  up / down questions  about programming issues and workarounds, making the life easier every day for millions of professional and enthusiast programmers (who absolutely love copy-pasting) as part of the modern Copy-Paste Driven Development.

The Key™, an  Apple-inspired cutting edge copy-paste dongle made of 100% machine milled plastic sourced from the rarest polyurethane plants, is the hardware it now wants to sell to the users which will enable unlimited copy-pasting functionality.

“Every day, millions of innovators and creators across the globe move society and industry forward by copy-pasting code from Stack Overflow. But for too long, this process has been stuck in the past”, it says.

“The switches underneath each keycap have been rigorously tested to ensure the optimal finger feel and smooth action”.

“Each key cap has been precisely etched using industrial grade lasers normally reserved for diamond cutting and quantum fusion drives”.

Luckily, when you click to pre-order this life-saving dongle, instead of the credit card form you see the following info popover (absolutely positioned :) ) on the button.

April Fools’! Good on you Stack Overflow, but please be careful! Programmers don’t know what date, day (or night) it is. Our team nearly had a heart attack (luckily, at the last moment they managed to hit ctrl+z [not everybody has the luxury of cmd+z]).