State Government delivering cheaper electricity

ESCOSA has today released its annual update of energy retail prices showing that the average South Australian residential Market Offer for electricity went down by $96 reduction in 2019-20.

The $96 saving in electricity bills for South Australian households in 2019-20 follows an average $62 fall in household electricity bills during 2018-19, delivering $158 in savings during the last two years.

“My Government came to office promising real cost of living relief for South Australian households and that is precisely what we are delivering,” said Premier Steven Marshall.

“In addition to a $158 fall in electricity bills South Australian households are saving an average $200 a year on the cost of water, $160 on their ESL bills and $100 per vehicle in reduced car rego costs through lower CTP insurance premiums.

“The hundreds of dollars we have put back in the pockets of hard-working South Australians helps local businesses create local jobs.”

Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan said the $158 savings on electricity bills for households in the last two years shows the Marshall Government is on track to deliver its promise to cut electricity bills by $302 during its first term in office

“The $158 fall in household electricity bills for South Australian households in the last two years is in stark contrast to the $477 increase the Labor Party delivered in its final two years in office.

“Indeed, South Australians are already enjoying even greater falls with further retail price reductions announced since July 1st this year which are additional to these figures.

“Origin has delivered an additional household saving of $127 a year to its customers and AGL has reduced the price of electricity for South Australian households by $62.

“With falling wholesale electricity prices set to drive down the retail price of electricity even further South Australian households and businesses should be actively seeking cheaper electricity from their retailer.

“There has been no better time to demand your retailer cut the price of electricity to your household or small business.

“Add in the savings from the proposed SA-NSW interconnector and there is now little doubt that South Australians will enjoy cheaper electricity for years to come under the Marshall Government’s energy plan.

“The Marshall Government has a suite of policies designed to further drive down electricity in the next few years.

“The Home Battery Scheme is reducing power costs for both the households that install the subsidized batteries and the rest of South Australian consumers.

“Our decision to convert 276MW of back-up diesel generation into gas-fired generation for use in the market on a daily basis will increase competition and drive down electricity prices.

“The State Government’s $50 million Grid Scale Storage Fund and our Demand Management policies will also help drive down electricity prices in South Australia.”


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