Statement on families accomodated at Broadmeadows Residential Precinct (BRP)

A number of factually incorrect statements continue to be made publicly regarding the facilities, health and dental care provided to children accommodated at the Broadmeadows Residential Precinct (BRP).

The BRP is a group of houses located near to, but separated from the main population, at the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation.

Claims that children are not provided nutritious food or access to outside play and sunlight are not correct.

The houses at BRP are equipped with cooking facilities and families are provided with food should they wish to cook for themselves. Alternatively, families are provided with regular nutritious meals, including age-appropriate food for minors, and fresh fruit and other healthy snacks.

Children accommodated at the BRP also have unlimited access to an outside playground and are not restricted to a limited time outside.

Claims children do not have access to, or have been denied, medical or dental care are not correct.

Families living at the BRP are offered comprehensive medical care, including mental health and dental care.

Health services are provided onsite, or referrals are made to allied and specialist health providers, as required. Where hospital treatment is needed, arrangements are made for this to occur as soon as possible.

Dental health and hygiene products are provided to all residents at no cost.

A recently reported incident involving a whiteboard did not result in any injuries. As a precaution, the family was offered medical treatment several times immediately following the incident and it was declined. At no point was the family denied medical care.

A range of other care, welfare and support arrangements are also in place to provide for the needs of children at the BRP, including educational and recreational services.

The Department upholds Australia’s international human rights obligations by embedding the consideration of the best interests of children into internal procedures and policies.

The Department’s commitment to the safeguarding and wellbeing of children in its programs is set out in its Child Safeguarding Framework, which is supported by a wide range of operational policy and procedural guidance.

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