Step up this Sunday: Clean Up Australia Day,

Clean Up Australia Day

Residents right across our region will be donning their gloves on Sunday to clean up, fix up, and conserve our beautiful environment as part of Clean Up Australia Day.

Wagga Wagga City Council Environmental Education Officer Alice Kent was pleased with the level of community support.

“We have 20 sites registered – a combination of schools, preschools and community groups. Most schools will be cleaning up on Friday, and we have four sites on Sunday.”

Ms Kent reminded participants to wear sturdy footwear, a hat, gloves and sunscreen, and to stay hydrated during the day.

“Strange as it may seem given that we’re talking about picking up rubbish, it’s often a really fun day, with lots of laughs. And you’ll go to bed that night knowing you’ve done something to make the world a better place.”

Of course, the hope is that one day we will no longer need a designated clean-up day.

“The best result would be for people to just stop littering in the first place,’ Ms Kent said. “If you’re somewhere without a bin, keep your rubbish with you until you reach one, and that includes cigarette butts. It’s a simple thing, but it makes a huge difference. And by purchasing reusable mugs, drink bottles and food containers, you’ll also help reduce the amount of rubbish we create.”

When it comes to seeing motorists toss rubbish from their vehicles, Ms Kent has a simple suggestion: “Just report them to There’s absolutely no excuse, we all need to take responsibility for our own litter.”

Council’s free hard waste collection service is also available for residents with larger household items to dispose of.

“If you receive a kerbside collection service, you can access our hard waste collection service every year. Just book it in, and we’ll come to you and pick it up,” Ms Kent said.

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