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CDC Recommends Moderna Covid Vaccine for Children and Adolescents
Brain ‘fingerprinting’ provides insights into mental health of young adolescents
UB researchers design game to collect information on children and adolescents in guardianship and foster care
Children with same-sex parents are socially well-adjusted
Mexico: 100,000 missing persons highlights need to strengthen existing search mechanisms
TGA commences evaluation of Moderna COVID 19 vaccine for children aged 6 months to 5 years old
Association of food marketing with eating behaviors of children, adolescents
Change in use of school mental health services among adolescents
Minister Sajjan announces $40-million contribution to ensure all women
Effect of outreach reminders on adolescent well child visits and Covid vaccination rates
ATAGI update following weekly Covid meeting 21 April
ATAGI statement on use of booster doses in adolescents aged 12
Free vaccines for teens
CDC Recommends Additional Boosters for Certain Individuals
Attempts to quit cigarettes, e-cigarettes among adolescents
E-cigarettes not substantial gateway to smoking for young people
ATAGI update following weekly Covid meeting 11 March
Young people’s e-cigarette use is not substantial gateway to regular smoking
TGA approves provisional determination for Biocelect Pty Ltd for Covid vaccine, Nuvaxovid
ATAGI update following weekly Covid meeting 7 March
Assessing effectiveness of Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine in adolescents
ATAGI update following weekly Covid meeting 28 February
Reduce ADHD with more parks, less pollution
Parental consent laws leave adolescents vulnerable to HIV
Change in mental health care use among children, teens during pandemic
Homelessness in Australia can be ended by commitment from governments, new report finds
ATAGI update following weekly Covid meeting 3 February
ATAGI recommendations for use of Pfizer Covid vaccine as booster dose in adolescents aged 16
Unintentional drug overdose deaths, years of life lost among adolescents, young adults in US
WHO announces update of guidelines on diagnosis, prevention and management of cryptococcal disease
First WHO report highlights efforts to improving health and well-being of adolescents worldwide
International Day of Education
CDC Expands Booster Shot Eligibility and Strengthens Recommendations for 12-17 Year Olds
From learning recovery to futures of education: Snapshot of UNESCO’s action in 2021
UNAIDS welcomes appointment of Catherine Russell as new Executive Director of UNICEF
Test-To-Stay Options Can Help Keep Students in School During Covid
Africa’s leaders strongly reaffirm importance of education, well-being
CDC Expands Covid Booster Recommendations to 16-and-17-year-olds
MHRA statement on expansion of Covid vaccination booster programme
Teens’ immunisation catch-up
Audrey Azoulay re-elected at head of UNESCO with massive support
Information regarding immunisations for adolescents
Screen time use among US adolescents during pandemic
$30 million to support key areas of medical research
Alcohol brands using non-alcoholic products to target kids and adolescents
New study to help shy children
Vielot awarded Merck grant for study to help increase rate of HPV vaccinations
Over 80% of GP’s Believe Reducing Needle Fear Could Help Boost Vaccination Rates