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Tom Meuser discusses efforts to assist older adults during COVID-19 crisis with Maine Public
A device for early detection of certain eyesight problems
Statement by President
Brain or muscles, what do we lose first?
Planning Starts For New Picnic Space
Seniors & Disability Hours introduced for Darwin Libraries
$21m to upgrade wheelchair accessible taxis
Maintaining mitochondrial resilience
Traineeships to re-skill adult South Australians for social care…
Critical need for a national residential aged care malnutrition audit
Minister Blair welcomes Office of Correctional Investigator’s Annual Report
Giving Good Bacteria an Edge in Making Cheese
Centra Health Delivers Superior Patient Care with Oracle Cloud Applications
New measure of biological age can predict health risks
Death of a child is a devastatingly common experience for many African mothers
Mitochondria study could help boost understanding of diabetes and aging
How some mammals pause their pregnancies
New lab lets students practice their bedside manner
Simple tool assesses physical and social frailty, predicts outcomes for vulnerable patients
AFGSC tests Minuteman III missile launch from Vandenberg AFB
Improving pavement networks by predicting future
Balding a hairy issue for leaders
Researchers seek a helping paw for dog aging study
3 Questions: Isabelle de Courtivron on shock of becoming old
National ranking for School of Social Work
Blood test identifies risk of disease linked to stroke and dementia
Canada invests in projects to help Canadians living with dementia and caregivers
Workshop to examine impact of global marketplace on Western classical music
Boost for child, maternity and mental health
Growing and modernising NZ economy
Concordia’s Natalie Phillips examines link between cognition and hearing or vision loss
UTA educating next generation of nurses
‘Lucky Dog’ Scout and UW School of Veterinary Medicine star in WeatherTech Super Bowl commercial
A way to look younger is right under your nose, UCLA-led study finds
Autism Diagnosis Test Needs Improvement, Rutgers Researchers Say
Study IDs non-hormonal options for menopause symptoms
Urine fertilizer: ‘Aging’ effectively protects against transfer of antibiotic resistance
Study Finds Flooding Damage to Levees is Cumulative – and Often Invisible
Male Sparrows Are Less Intimidated by Songs of Aging Rivals
Beauty sleep could be real, say Body Clock biologists
Aged care residents at risk of malnutrition, Otago study shows
New clinical guidelines to help GPs improve care for older Australians
What’s keeping New Zealand business leaders awake at night?
Scientists image heart RNA structure for first time
In health care, does “hotspotting” make patients better?
HH-60W enters soundproof chamber for defense systems testing
Study of cardiac muscles in flies might help you keep your heart young
Research defines meaningful activity for people with Alzheimer’s disease