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Voluntary assisted dying laws in NSW welcome: Call to allow NT & ACT to pass own VAD laws
New NSW police powers are dangerously broad
Qld Government plans to strip rights from dying workers
Rural and regional health inquiry report welcome but must be actioned urgently
Rights of ACT residents must be protected with simple and affordable complaints mechanism
Banksia Hill conditions are an appalling breach of human rights: reform is urgent
Immunity for aged care providers will strip elders of legal rights: Lawyers urge Senate to stop Bill
NZ refugee resettlement deal welcome but long overdue
Plant-based omega-3s may boost heart health, reduce risk of heart disease
Qld member Rod Hodgson wins ALA Member of Year Award
Qld dust disease legal expert wins national Civil Justice Award
Toowoomba lawyer wins award for bringing legal services to regional and remote communities
Flawed Religious Discrimination Bill must be fully redrafted
First of its kind study proves food intervention can be as effective as medications for lowering cholesterol
Djokovic case sets dangerous precedent
Djokovic case highlights Australia’s arbitrary and unfair border policies
Djokovic decision highlights Australia’s arbitrary and unfair border policies
Fines for failing to report positive RAT results: unhelpful and will not work
Reform of body-worn camera laws in Victoria is welcome
Federal human rights charter needed to balance conflicting rights in crisis
Lawyers’ duty to administration of justice undermined by Religious Discrimination Bill
Review of cosmetic surgery sector welcome but overdue
Plants and animals of Noongar Nation break new ground in Indigenous knowledge tool
Lawyers call for ban on advertising cosmetic surgery to u18s
Age of criminal responsibility must not be lower than 14 years
Expansion of CEO’s powers in NDIS Bill is concerning and unnecessary
Reform of NSW child sex abuse laws welcome
Australian Government must lobby Singapore to stop plans to execute mentally impaired man
Laws regulating cosmetic surgery advertising must be strengthened to protect consumers
NEXCOM CEO Receives Distinguished Service Award
High intake of fatty acid in nuts, seeds and plant oils linked to lower risk of death
Collaery trial: welcome removal of secrecy orders but prosecution should not proceed
Covid tracing data must be protected by law nationally
NSW Coroner’s Court needs restructure and more resourcing to reduce delays
Australia’s human rights reputation undermined by lack of transparency in Commissioner appointment
ALA welcomes closure of Ashley Youth Detention Centre
Proposed drug driving law unfair and not supported by science
ALA calls on Government to take evidence-based approach to drug policy
ALA proposes legislation to decriminalise cannabis use in Tasmania
Reduce prison numbers to minimise need for prison lockdowns
Rules regarding use of ‘cosmetic surgeon’ title needed to protect patients
SA workers’ compensation revisions remain concerning
Australian refugee response ‘not good enough’
Research from Harvard examines link between walnut consumption and life expectancy
Government and courts urged to release prisoners and grant bail to minimise Covid risk
Workplace safety must be priority in vaccine mandate
Role of ADF to enforce compliance with COVID rules must be well defined
Proposed changes to workers comp laws will lead to more disputes and legal action