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How pathogen Mycobacterium tuberculosis secretes and trafficks its only known exotoxin
Interior Department Announces FY 2021 Disbursements, Providing Important Funds for States, Tribes and Conservation Initiatives
Chaco Canyon: Project aims to preserve sacred landscape in Southwest
NFL mouth guard research program includes UW Huskies
Navy to Christen Future Littoral Combat Ship Marinette
U.S. President Biden Announces Key Regional Appointments for USDA, SBA, EPA, and HHS
Promising treatment for Alexander disease moves from rat model to human clinical trials
Stroke survivors less likely than cancer survivors to have quit smoking, says new study
Alluring larvae: Competition to attract fish drives species diversity among freshwater mussels
That’s wrap on Homecoming 2021
U.S. President Biden Announces First U.S. Marshal Nominees and Eight New Nominees to Serve as U.S. Attorneys
Pacific rockfish and tradeoffs of long life
Drug combination helps children with acute promyelocytic leukemia avoid conventional chemotherapy
Accreditation in healthcare quality and safety
Press Briefing by White House COVID- 19 Response Team and Public Health Officials 11 November
AFCEC announces winners of 2021 Air Force Design Awards
NASA Selects New Mission to Study Storms, Impacts on Climate Models
UTA brings back Homecoming festivities
CSAF delivers new C-37B to JB Andrews
Fear of side effects, including rheumatic disease flares, driving Covid vaccine hesitancy among some patients
Jeffrey D. Kerby, MD, PhD, FACS, confirmed as next Chair of ACS Committee on Trauma
Biologics now most common treatment for children with systemic JIA, and many have excellent results
Hypoxia imaging and combination therapy aid immunotherapy treatment of solid tumors
NASA’s Juno: Science Results Offer First 3D View of Jupiter Atmosphere
U.S. President Biden Announces Four New Nominees to Serve as U.S. Attorneys
Wiley Expands Its Reach Globally to Deliver Career-Connected Education
“Helina Metaferia: Generations” Explores Matrilineal Inheritances and BlPOC Liberation Movements
Duke-Led Teams Awarded $18 Million to Investigate Parkinson’s Disease
Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards announce 2021 coaches watch list
Aquatic fungus has already wiped amphibians off map and now threatens survival of terrestrial frogs
Region, race, and age linked with likelihood of cancer patients using telehealth services
Slow release of drug, TT-10, improves heart attack recovery in mouse model
First artificial scaffolds for studying plant cell growth
NASA Announces Winners of Deep Space Food Challenge
Premature cardiovascular disease death more likely in “socially vulnerable” counties
Navy to Christen Littoral Combat Ship Santa Barbara
Department Announces Construction Award for U.S. Consulate General in Milan
Plant-based jet fuel could reduce emissions by 68%
Large doses of intensive therapy better for children with cerebral palsy
WHO Director-General Bestows Posthumous Award on Late Henrietta Lacks
Answering questions about pregnancy and Covid
Mates shouted drink at sea
U.S. President Biden Announces Key Regional Appointments for EPA, HHS, and USDA
NASA Awards Regional/Multi-Location Protective Services Contract
Awareness and Knowledge of PrEP Varies by Rural vs. Urban Setting Among People Who Inject Drugs
Teeing up data to drive results for Vanderbilt men’s golf team
Department of State Breaks Ground on New Office Annex for U.S. Embassy in Bangkok
Orphaned Children – More than 140,000 U.S. Children Lost Primary or Secondary Caregiver Due to Covid Pandemic