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Oil slick at Belongil Creek confirmed to be marine blue green algae
Cressbrook and Perseverance Dams closed to water-based activities
Spavin Lake algal bloom
Co-cultivation of seafood produces better harvests
Non-toxic marine algal bloom identified at Jervis Bay
Can a coral reef fish help unravel how humans domesticated animals?
Researchers explore potential for kelp to relieve ocean acidification
Algal bloom warning for Molloy Island near Augusta
Study reveals true origin of oldest evidence of animals
Heat Stress in Livestock – Preparing for Heatwave
Neutrons detect air pollution
New knowledge on how climate affects pendulous lichens in northern forests
Cooby Dam closed to water-based activities
UH researchers play major role in Papahānaumokuākea update
Whitsundays operators brush up on reef health monitoring
Common liverwort study has implications for crop manipulation
FAU researchers prove vital role of coralline red algae for coral reefs
Algae confirmed at Green Lake
Making water in Antarctic desert 21 October 2020
Suspected blue-green algae
Climate impacts could put major fishery, food security at risk in East Africa
Bacteria in sediment continue to show effects of over-fertilisation
Public can help monitor coral health with new tool
Researchers track nutrient transport in Gulf of Mexico
More than just genetic code
New tool for identifying endangered corals could help conservation efforts
How food from sea has limitless potential – with caveats
Help name our lesser-known threatened species
Carbon-neutral beer, secret life of a nudibranch, Guinness World Records and more
Biscayne Bay fish kill is a warning sign, researcher says
Algal Blue Light Switch Control of Electrical Excitation in Plants
Bat poop, dark skies, making beer with algae, and defining rights of Moon
Science of beer and wine
Aerator to help keep Ross River Dam healthy
Permit granted for next stage in Hoveton Great Broad restoration
Smithsonian: UC finds pollution in ancient Maya city
Stay safe around rivers, warns Environment Agency
Function shapes architecture
Function shapes architecture
From bacteria to you: biological reactions that sustain our rhythms
Algal bloom detected in Idalia Freshwater Lake
Big vegetarians of reef drive fish evolution
Investigations underway at Lake Wyangan
Elucidating mechanism of a light-driven sodium pump
Algal bloom causes a thick layer of foam that killed surfers
Algal bloom detected in Keyatta Lake
Bacterial behaviour influences cloud formation
Chasing plankton under sea ice