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How plants colonized land
Mystery of seafloor metamorphosis unlocked
Algae reveal clues about climate changes over millions of years
Recommendation algorithms that power Amazon, Netflix can improve satellite imagery, too
Ancient microorganisms in halite may have implications for search for life
New ‘Clean Seas’ kiosk encourages visitors to clean up Freddy Beach
Role of cerebellum in absence seizures
Viewing microcosm through physics lens
How Do Seaweeds Polysaccharides Stimulate Microbial Activity to Achieve High Remediation Performance
3D printing smart clothes with new liquid metal-alginate ink
Algal bloom detected in Curralea Lakes at Castletown
Improving Reef water quality and protecting farms from catastrophic flood damage
Phaeocystis globosa in South China Sea” >Unique “Giant-colony” Ecotype Leads to Intense Blooms of Phaeocystis globosa
Squid recorded color-matching substrate for first time
$6.75M EPA grant to fund Great Lakes food web monitoring
Research on ecological effects of sand extraction granted in NWA ORC-call
Using microalgae to produce an alternative to palm oil
Fade to grey – fish communities become duller as coral reefs die
Researchers find that beach hoppers can constitute significant portion of island fox diet
Blue-green algal bloom detected in Idalia lake
Like bacteria firing spearguns
Smelly leak into creek costs cheese company fine
Enhanced forensic test confirms Neolithic fisherman died by drowning
Research sheds new light on evolution of light-response systems
New plant-derived composite is tough as bone and hard as aluminum
How to get chloride ions into cell
Red snow phenomena are balancing act
Water quality issues prompt MDBA to trial Hume Dam releases through ga
Hume Dam releases increase to manage summer storm activity
Climate Warming and Benthivorous Fish Interactively Lead to Regime Shift in Freshwater Ecosystems
Algal blooms detected in lakes
Cressbrook and Perseverance Dams closed to water-based activities 10 December
New research identifies previously unrecorded tsunami in Chile
Previously unrecorded Chilean tsunami identified
Reef trip turtley awesome adventure
Ancient lineage of algae found to include five “cryptic” species
Revealing ramifications of ocean acidification for coralline algae
Remove slime from ships to cut emissions
Algae detected at Cudgen Creek and lower Tweed estuaries
Color-changing indicator predicts algal blooms
Organic compounds detected in water supply
Study shows how 1.5°C temperature rise can cause significant changes in coastal species
Some of world’s oldest rubies linked to early life
What is coral spawning?
Permit granted for next stage in Hoveton Broad Restoration project
Fabulous Fiordland showcased in new e-Guide
Recreational water boost for Green Lake
South Australia’s Pink Lake Bucket List