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Revealing ramifications of ocean acidification for coralline algae
Remove slime from ships to cut emissions
Algae detected at Cudgen Creek and lower Tweed estuaries
Color-changing indicator predicts algal blooms
Organic compounds detected in water supply
Study shows how 1.5°C temperature rise can cause significant changes in coastal species
Some of world’s oldest rubies linked to early life
What is coral spawning?
Permit granted for next stage in Hoveton Broad Restoration project
Fabulous Fiordland showcased in new e-Guide
Recreational water boost for Green Lake
South Australia’s Pink Lake Bucket List
New model of ocean’s biological carbon pump
Love our living lakes this Spring
Leaky sewers are likely responsible for large amounts of medications in streams
New consultation for Norfolk habitat restoration project
Corals survive heat with bacterial help
Nitrogen inputs in ancient ocean
Icy waters of ‘Snowball Earth’ may have spurred early organisms to grow bigger
Blue waters – green beaches: benthic filamentous algae are an emerging threat to clear lakes worldwide
Scientists resurrect ‘forgotten’ genus of marine algae
FAU team discovers microplastics in Arctic ecosystem
$1.5M DOE grant targets engineering of cyanobacteria as biofuel production platform
Cause for shell-abration
Species of algae with three sexes that all mate in pairs identified in Japanese river
Evolution in real time
Novel strategy for natural product biosynthesis
New beetle found in fossil faeces attributed to dinosaur ancestor
Have you heard of Blue Mountains perch?
Tasmania welcomes new investment in marine bio-products research
A warming climate and intensifying land use increase mercury content in fish
New health benefits of red seaweeds unveiled
Lake habitats are disappearing as climate changes
Rare mineral from rocks found in mollusk teeth
Understanding light-activated proteins in order to improve them
Unraveling a mystery of dinoflagellate genomic architecture
Equipping crop plants for climate change
Hawkesbury River water quality fact sheet
Scientists made a film about disappearing lakes in permafrost
Scientists Program Microalgae’s ‘Oil Factory’ to Produce Various Oils
5 things to know about environmental threats facing Tampa Bay
Trial floating wetland for Lake Tuggeranong
Information on disposal of moss balls
Littlest shop of horrors: Hungry green algae prefer to eat bacteria alive
Preliminary design for Newcastle Ocean Baths Stage 1 shows improvements to access and safety
Consultation on habitat restoration project for Hoveton Great Broad
Research shows how single celled algae rotate as they swim towards light
Townsville water update – 1400hrs 12 February