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Research shines light on longevity of Covid immune response
ASM Leader, John Nkengasong, Appointed Ambassador-at-Large to Combat HIV/AIDS
ASM Leaders Elected into National Academy of Sciences
Water wash cleanses barns between broiler chicken flocks, without need for disinfection
Microbes play critical role in climate change in new report
New Academy Report Shows Critical Role Microbes Play in Climate Change
Apples and Other Fruits Can Host Drug-Resistant, Pathogenic Yeasts on Surfaces
Study Connects Shorter Course of Antibiotics to Fewer Antibiotic Resistance Genes
Research connects shorter course of antibiotics to fewer drug resistance genes
Saliva testing for Covid quicker, safer than nasal swabs
ASM Reflects on Covid Response and Future Direction
Mutations Leading to Omicron Variant Did Not Enable Virus to Fully Escape Immune System
Molds and yeasts common in daycares-could cause chronic asthma and allergy
Minimizing long-term lung damage in COVID patients
Study Identifies New Way To Attack Herpesviruses
Researchers Identify Immunological Markers for SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection in Rhesus Macaques
Research finds new way to attack herpesviruses
Feeding Mode of Newborns Could Influence Oral Bacteria Makeup
Compost Is Major Source of Pathogenic Aspergillus Spores
ASM Leadership Weighs in on Gain of Function Research
Swirling bacteria mimic Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’
CDC Launches Two Global Networks, Awards $22 Million to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance and Infectious Diseases
Large Field Hospital Study Shows Rapid Covid Test Compares Solidly with PCR Detection
Large field hospital study reveals rapid Covid test compares solidly with PCR detection
Infection plus vaccination yields better antibodies against Covid variants
Covid Infection Can be Inhibited by Elements of Human Microbiome
ASM Announces 2021 Agar Art Contest Winners
Houston Methodist study finds masks and distancing worked to keep germs at bay
Phages Kill Dysentery-Causing Bacteria and Reduce Virulence in Surviving Bacteria
New Review Article Outlines Potential of Covid Genetic Sequencing in Patient Care
Avoiding false positive for Covid when using rapid antigen tests
Nearer bench than Beltway: An appeal for thoughtful regulation of infectious disease research
Research characterizes gut virome
Counties with intervention measures, more hospitals experienced fewer Covid deaths
COVID testing using pooled samples showed high accuracy, low cost
Gut microbiota influences ability to lose weight
Awards & Accolades 13 September
EngineeredE. ColiCould Make Carbohydrates, Renewable Fuel, from CO2
ASM Recognizes Over Dozen Microbiologists with Prestigious Awards for Their Work
Building better vaccine for SARS CoV-2
Cooperation Under Pressure: Lessons from Covid Swab Crisis
New Research Provides Clues to Developing Better Intranasal Vaccines for Covid and Flu
Research provides clues to developing better intranasal vaccines for Covid and flu
Marine bacteria in Canadian Arctic capable of biodegrading diesel and oil
Researchers find possible culprit of inflammation that causes death in Covid patients
SLAC partners with national labs and scientific publishing organizations on transgender-inclusive name-change process for published
T Cell Response Not Critical for Immune Memory to SARS-CoV-2 or Recovery from Covid
Don’t Restrict Valid Pathogen Research, ASM & Partners Warn Congress