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Rates of Bird Hatching Failure Two Times Higher Than Thought
High Hatching Failure in Birds: Twice Previous Estimates
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Trade Species Have Long Reproductive Lifespans: Study
Jumping Genes Aid Fungus in Salamander Deaths
Research Finds Most Species Adapt to Large-Scale Env. Pressures
Glassfrogs’ Mirrored Livers: Red Blood Cells Give Transparency
Glassfrogs’ Trick: Hiding Red Blood Cells for Transparency
Don’t let your Christmas gift become Christmas crisis
Ancient amphibians had their bones boiled
Australian photographers shine at Wildlife Photographer of Year Awards, London
Protecting Proms vulnerable creatures
Cracking open fossil bone finds rapid juvenile growth in early tetrapods
Ancient Iowan superpredator became great by front-loading its growth in its youth
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Scientists estimate weight of two giant extinct amphibians
Solid salamander: Prehistoric amphibian was as heavy as pygmy hippo
Which reptiles and amphibians in southwestern United States are most vulnerable to climate change
Eight Billion Day cause for concern, not celebration
Global warming increases risk of heat failure in ectotherms
Half of data deficient species may be threatened with extinction
Vocal communication originated over 400 million years ago
3D flora and fauna at your fingertips
Oxford-led study finds disease outbreaks influence colour of wolves across North America
Disease outbreaks influence color of wolves across North America
Why some use them to impress and others to intimidate
Virologists close gap on unknown viruses affecting amphibians and reptiles
Warmer stream temperatures in burned-over Oregon watershed didn’t lead to fewer trout
Warmer stream temperatures in burned-over Oregon watershed didn’t result in fewer trout
Why do humans grow two sets of teeth?
Earliest land animals had fewer skull bones than fish
Temperature Tiny Forest up to 20 degrees lower than on streets on hot days
Scientists map rotating spiral waves in live human hearts
Wild dog baiting benefits native wildlife
Single-cell transcriptomics finds evolutionary innovations in reptile and amphibian brains
How to keep mosquitoes at bay
City invites community to contribute to development of Biodiversity Strategy