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New discovery of missing Victorian dinosaurs at world’s first Jurassic Park
Lost or extinct? Study reveals existence of more than 500 animal species remains uncertain
Lost or extinct? Study finds existence of 562 animal species remains uncertain
Striking new snake species discovered in Paraguay
More than 1 in 5 reptile species are threatened with extinction
Research finds sex secrets of amphibian singing choruses
Decreased Genetic Diversity in Immune System Could Impact Endangered Toad Survival
Reptiles likely benefit from efforts to save other animals
In western floodplains, species adapt to bullfrog, sunfish invaders
New bird app spreads its wings
Tropical birds are changing because of us
Visualizing sightless world
Precision conservation saves time, money – and species
Modern animal life could have origins in delta
University of Ottawa scientists collaborate with Yale to unlock mystery rooted in deepest past of evolution
UW’s Biodiversity Institute to Host Laramie Salamander Migration Initiative
Without helpful microbes, tadpoles can’t stand heat
New simple method for surveying amphibians: vital contribution to conservation efforts
Digging into Finer Details of Retired Cranberry Bog Restorations
Vital contribution to conservation efforts
Researchers team up with Baja California scientists to assess amphibian disease
Rare frog species jumping for joy in new home
Zoo enrichment could go further
Disease predictions can be improved by factoring in mosquito predators
Researchers Identify Replication and Transcription Machinery for Ranaviruses
Too Much Salt: Good for Winter Travel, but with Consequences for Environmental and Human Health
UWaterloo opens new aquatic threats research facility to study impact of climate change on fish stress
Can we go from scarface to scarless?
Venoms in snakes and salivary protein in mammals share common origin
Millipedes ‘as big as cars’ once roamed Northern England
Robots use fear factor against highly invasive fish
Dogs sniff out new ways to care for environment
River animals just go with flow
Warm-bodied ties between mammals and birds more ancient than previously recognized
Tropical frogs can adapt to climate change, but rapid warming still huge threat
Luskintyre landcarers dig in to plant 10,000 trees after securing nearly $40,000 in funding
Resilience of vertebrate animals in rapid decline due to manmade threats, study finds
More king cobra species than previously known
Flowering plants: an evolution revolution
It’s time to go on frog hunt
Species feared extinct is only frog with true teeth on its lower jaw
Wellness check for Tilden Park’s turtles
Story of tiny fossil that solved an evolutionary puzzle
Tiny pterosaurs dominated Cretaceous skies
First overview of archaea in vertebrates
Climate change affects animal behavior
Pakistan’s amphibians need more research efforts and better protection
Mammals on menu: Snake dietary diversity exploded after mass extinction 66 million years ago