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11 new cases of COVID-19 24 October
Correcting each other’s mistakes – why cells stuck together in early evolution
Statement on death of Samuel Paty
Seven reasons to choose green in city
Small-scale diploma ceremonies for online PhD graduates
Violence against journalists and other information carriers
Using nature to mitigate results of climate change
British Consulate General Amsterdam moves to Hague
Irma van den Berg ‘Most socially committed lawyer’
Taking charge by seeking ways to achieve gender balance
Why we need small fish
Trump’s personality might have become too much for strong Republicans
Bike-and-ride, an innovative opportunity for Lake Geneva region
Evania Pelite and Ellia Green are locked in for Olympic tilt
Willem Renema appointed professor by special appointment of Marine Palaeobiodiversity
Tech Rocketship Awards search for entries from across Europe
Colorectal cancer treatment: winning combinations
Boundary-breaking research centre launches six new projects
Wander through 17th-century Waterlooplein neighbourhood in 3D
Joanna Ellis-Monaghan appointed professor of Discrete Mathematics
Surfing microwave oven learning curve
Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard appointed professor by special appointment of Dynamics of Crime and Violence
Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard appointed professor by special appointment of Dynamics of Crime and Violence
Extinction of mammals affects future of tropical palms
QUVA lab celebrates past and looks to future
2020 AGM to be Virtual
Shadow of black hole M87* is wobbling
Aerosols persist in insufficiently ventilated elevator cabins
Monique Roelofs appointed Professor of Philosophy of Art and Culture
Dark matter even more elusive than previously thought
Novel immune-oncology approach for potential cancer treatment
New online national platform Sport Data Valley connects science and sport
Netflix – a zebra among horses: QUT researcher
Saving marine life: Novel method quantifies effects of plastic on marine wildlife
Swedish workers among Europe’s best-paid in late 1800s
ERC Starting Grants for five young researchers from Leiden University
2020-2021 Opening Academic Year: Connect
From identification to a chemical fingerprint for explosives in forensic research
Jan de Boer new member of Executive Board Dutch Research Council
UvA launches new research project on how to design tax systems for a post COVID-19 world
Would you fall for a fake video? UvA research suggests you might
Building a bias when making economic decisions
Towards a silicon light source
University of Alberta choir director aims to find out whether singing spreads COVID-19
USC Deal: Year’s worth of free sports for new UvA bachelor students
Gerard Nijsten appointed director of UvA/HvA Library
A collaboration between art and science
Mark Vermeij appointed professor of Tropical Marine Ecology