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Research of ancient predators sheds light on how humans did – or didn’t
Study of ancient predators sheds light on how humans did – or didn’t – find food
What was agriculture like in southeast China in Late Neolithic
Now fully complete, human genome reveals new secrets
Ancient humans impact African island environment
A new “genealogy of everyone” enables a comprehensive understanding of human family
Prehistoric human vertebra discovered in Jordan Valley tells story of prehistoric migration from Africa
DNA in archaeological sediments
Harnessing Thor’s Hammer: How forensic science is unlocking mysteries of fatal lightning strikes
Late Persistence of Human Ancestors at Margins of Monsoon in India
Ancient humans traded dogs for their usefulness
Prehistoric humans rarely mated with their cousins
Meat-heavy diets restricted hunter-gatherer population sizes
Ancient humans turned elephant remains into surprising array of bone tools
Record number of ancient elephant bone tools discovered
Scientists identify record number of ancient elephant bone tools
An evolving discipline: Evolutionary medicine brings together biological anthropology and public health
Pack rat nests offer first look at ancient insect DNA
New Findings Unveil a Missing Piece of Human Prehistory
Dirty secrets: sediment DNA reveals a 300,000-year timeline of ancient and modern humans living in Siberia
DNA from sediment reveals epic history of Denisova Cave
Study Sheds Light on Population History of Northern East Asia
Surprising Evolutionary History of our Oral Bacteria
Ancient humans not to blame for mass island extinction
Humans weren’t always agents of destruction when arriving on uninhabited islands
Getting to bottom of Bigfoot myth with researcher Marian Bailey
New evidence in search for mysterious Denisovans
Skeletons reveal coevolution of humans & pathogens
Can a coral reef fish help unravel how humans domesticated animals?
Rainforests not humans drove megafauna extinction in Southeast Asia
Grassland in place of rainforest in prehistoric South East Asia
Past Tropical Forest Changes Drove Megafauna and Hominin Extinctions
Analysis of Roopkund Lake Skeletons Makes Nature Communications’ Top 25
Humans and Neanderthals: less different than polar and brown bears
Ancient DNA paints genetic portrait of Andes civilisations
Dishing dirt on an early man cave