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Surprising link between SARS-CoV-2 infection and new-onset diabetes
Foxl2 and Dmrt1 Play Important Roles in Fish Sex Phenotype Formation
SARMs are not only of threat to fair play, they’re also dangerous
New combined therapy helps extend lives of men with prostate cancer
Research reveals how tumor cells use mitochondria to keep growing
Investigating Drug Resistance, Recurrence in Advanced Prostate Cancer
Researchers Uncover Novel Role of Progestin Signaling in Fish Spermatogenesis
New Screening Assay for Drugs Targeting Prostate Cancer
Powerlifter receives sanction
Scientists reveal strategies for advanced prostate cancer treatment
Hefty fine for importing prohibited human growth hormones and CBD oil
Three-drug combination prolongs survival in men with metastatic, hormone-sensitive prostate cancer
Rugby player receives sanction
Widely-used hormone drug associated with increased risk of benign brain tumour at high doses
Athletes warned against potential dangers of natural supplements
UCLA-led meta-analysis may help guide treatment planning for patients with high-risk prostate cancer
International meta-analysis quantifies impact of three prostate cancer therapy intensification strategies
$5.5 million for clinical trials to treat low-survival breast cancers
Drugging undruggable: NWO Open Competition grant for Alireza Mashaghi
Although they tend to be diagnosed with higher-risk prostate cancer, Black men undergoing radiation therapy have better outcomes
Medicine agency recommends listing of life-saving drugs for Australian men with deadly forms of prostate cancer
Chemical pollutants disrupt reproduction in anemonefish
Rugby league player receives sanction 1 December
Altered glucuronidation signifies castration resistance in prostate cancer
Weightlifter receives sanction 16 November
Blood test predicts which prostate cancer patients are resistant to chemotherapy drug
Identifying Therapeutic Targets for Aggressive HR-positive Breast Cancer
Drugs Designed for Prostate Cancer Show Promise for Treating Melanoma in Men
Total androgen suppression with dose-escalated radiotherapy does not improve overall survival
Football player receives sanction 11 October
Scientists deliver nanozymes into epidermis with dissolvable microneedles for rapid hair regeneration
Orchid extract holds hope for prostate cancer treatment
World Trade Center firefighters 13% more likely to develop cancer than those not working at site of 9/11 attacks
World Trade Center firefighters 13% more likely to develop cancer
No genetic link between male pattern baldness and Covid severity
Biomarkers of biochemical recurrence in prostate adenocarcinoma
Researcher Probes How Testosterone Works in Brain
Evolution Supplements Australia and its Director penalised total of $12 million for advertising illegal sports supplements
Rugby League athlete receives sanction 26 July
Research suggests how tumors become aggressive prostate cancer
First Participant Dosed in Pfizer’s Pivotal Phase 3 TALAPRO-3 Combination Study of Talazoparib and Enzalutamide
Early career investigator receives federal funding to research lethal prostate cancer
RAD-140 – A Health Warning
New Insights Into Hormone’s Action Could Help in Battle Against Prostate Cancer
Closure of drug trafficking operation at Bundaberg
Male bladder cancer vulnerability could lead to a new treatment approach
Rugby league player receives sanction 21 April
Federal Court finds Evolution Supplements Australia breached advertising laws