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UW Museum of Vertebrates Launches 3D Scans Database for Remote Research, Teaching
UNM researchers show gender norms that favor women reverse gender disparities in health
Journaling Project Makes Pandemic Personal
Monash leads Australia with over $38M in research funding
Anthropologist examines aging in U.S. ‘Through Japanese Eyes’
UCLA Bedari Kindness Institute sees ‘contagious kindness’ in action
TSU archaeologists found ancient mines in Gorny Altai from space image
NPR: Excavations reveal sophisticated Mayan water filtration
Newly discovered fossil documents small-scale evolutionary changes in an extinct human species
FSU presents symposium on crisis facing Amazonia
Smithsonian: UC researchers uncover ancient Maya water filtration
When Wildlife, Politics, and Morals Collide
Population Dynamics and Rise of Empires in Inner Asia
10 Million Euro ERC Synergy Grant Awarded for Study of Cognitive and Cultural Evolution of Numeracy
Election 2020: A referendum on racial justice in America
Interactive map will crowdsource hate crime reports
Denisovan DNA in genome of early East Asians
New study will uncover influence of medieval philosophers on today’s pluralism
Researchers examine decline in average body temperature among healthy adults over past two decades
Anthropologists examine prevalence of injuries caused by water fetching
Book examines Black Jewish indigeneity in South Africa
Center for Global Humanities presents “The Human Swarm: How Our Societies Arise, Thrive, and Fall”
Lost Kaurna shield returns home
Political, environmental, race scholars share presidential debate takeaways
EPA administrator announces launch of USF-led project to address local revitalization efforts through workforce
Research shows aging chimps, like humans, value friendships
Global First: Center for Combating Pandemics
Princeton and Mpala scholars link obesity and disease to dramatic dietary changes
Study sheds light on solitary life of male primates
University Mississauga researcher uncovers evidence of earliest known dairy production in India
Brewing Up Ancient Beer
Armed with 3D scanners, University anthropologists ready hundreds of fossils for virtual labs
New research explores how fish became a bigger part of pueblo people’s diet
Study explores family history amid frontier conflict
UW awarded NIH grant for training in advanced data analytics for behavioral and social sciences
India’s culture of coping with cancer
Filmmaker Jeff Palmer tells Native Americans’ untold stories
Conducting Fieldwork in Norwegian Welfare State
PAÍS officially opens with virtual ribbon-cutting ceremony
Start of new project and post-doctorate on pandemic preparedness
Domestic Agencies and Global Playing Field
Neandertal gene variant increases risk of severe Covid-19
Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard appointed professor by special appointment of Dynamics of Crime and Violence
Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard appointed professor by special appointment of Dynamics of Crime and Violence
UTA receives $800K to drive social change
UCLA Arts’ ’10 Questions’ series invites attendees to ‘reckon’ with future
Living Earth Collaborative announces 2020 seed grant recipients
UNM archeologist makes big find