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Snake trade in Indonesia is not sustainable enough: but it could be
Researchers propose global initiative to study female health across species
Hotline give apply this is Penn State academics admission tuition and aid research athletics news research high rates of landscape
New paper examines ethical challenges in microbiome research
Nature conservation in Dutch Caribbean
Researchers probe Covid’s uneven impact on racialized and immigrant communities in Peel Region
Livestock and Dairying Led To Dramatic Social Changes in Ancient Mongolia, U-m Study Shows
Livestock and dairying led to dramatic social changes in ancient Mongolia
Ancient DNA gives new insights into ‘lost’ Indigenous people of Uruguay
Undergraduate biologists awarded 2022 Quatrano, Spector prizes
For East Africa’s pastoralists, climate change already fueling violence, hunger
Wallace wins 2022 Spector Prize
UNM Anthropology highlights Asian American Heritage Month
India planned to eliminate TB by 2025, but it’s estimated half a million Indians are still dying from it every year
Research of ancient predators sheds light on how humans did – or didn’t
Spread of black rats was linked to human historical events
Study of ancient predators sheds light on how humans did – or didn’t – find food
Differences That Make Difference
Feeding Kids, Nourishing Minds: Researcher Mavra Ahmed studies school food programs in Canada
Neanderthals of North
‘Drug discovery’ courses showcase bench-to-bedside process
Life hi Scholars call for greater collaboration between zoos, museums
Experts develop new ways of visualising ancient small objects by combining technologies from archaeological research
Getting to root of corn domestication; knowledge may help plant breeders
New methods for visualizing small objects and artifacts
Learning to think critically about machine learning
‘We are truly all brothers and sisters’
Busy mothers breastfed less in 19th century Netherlands: study
Early human habitats linked to past climate shifts
‘ University of Toronto researcher examines history of American social science
ERC Advanced Grant for Embodied Ecologies
Climatic variability might not drive evolutionary change as much as previously thought
‘You can’t just go to field and leave again with data’: meet LUCIR scholar Corinna Jentzsch
‘Chicano art is American art’
First European farmers’ heights did not meet expectations
La Trobe rises in QS subject rankings
UQ rising in world rankings
Mungo Man to rest in peace after 42,000 years
Global research team will seek to understand microchimerism
Creating Clear Guidelines for Treating Opioid Addiction and Preventing Overdoses
Culture is meaning-making practice
LTU academic appointed Harvard Chair
Monkeys routinely consume fruit containing alcohol, shedding light on our own taste for booze
Origins of Avars elucidated with ancient DNA
Monkeys often eat fruit containing alcohol, shedding light on our taste for booze
Amitav Ghosh: geopolitics are key to understanding climate crisis
Vanderbilt offers new climate and environmental studies major
Unravelling mystery of parrot longevity