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Across centuries and diseases, poverty, conflict and racism fuel pandemics
University of Toronto supports launch of WHO’s vision for global diabetes prevention and management
Australia appoints new ambassador to Indonesia
3Cavaliers 2.0 Sparks Research Collaboration Across Disciplines
Modern Human Brain Originated in Africa Around 1.7 Million Years Ago
Researchers find link between extinct apes in Hungary, Spain and living apes in Africa
Neanderthal Ancestry Identifies Oldest Modern Human Genome
USF archaeologists examine ancient response to climate change in Tampa Bay
800-year-old medieval pottery fragments reveal Jewish dietary practices
How MIT OpenCourseWare became an educational resource to millions around world
A Male Baboon’s Dominance Gives Him Babies, but Costs Him Years
Stanford model reveals surprising disconnect between physical characteristics and genetic ancestry
Cultural lives of animals revealed
Connecting history with present moment
Study provides first evidence of DNA collection from air
A tale of two forests could reveal path forward for saving endangered lemurs
In discipline of archaeology, harassment is occurring at ‘epidemic rates,’ says Stanford scholar
Mummified parrots point to trade in ancient Atacama desert
Endurance in Swamp
Ancient oral biome points to overall health
We need to rethink healthcare sector
Researchers explore how shifts in federal approaches can turn tide of destructive wildfires
Lemos Dekker wins first Interdem Academy Publication Award
Vaccine hesitancy: What it is and what it is not?
Home blood test for COVID-19 antibodies can measure vaccine effectiveness and progress toward herd immunity
Pre-Pandemic Hospital Surge Capacity ‘Time Capsule’
How coal’s decline impacts county and school funding
Coding sociologist John Boy developed Textnets: software to make large amounts of text visually comprehensible
UCLA-led study traces gendered movement patterns among Tanzania’s Hadza hunter-gatherers
Early experiences shape aggression in young chimpanzees
Lemurs Can Sniff Out Hidden Fruit from Afar
UNESCO brings museums of world together to reflect on their future
New Corona test developed
Chimpanzees without borders
University of Toronto ranked first in Canada across five subject fields in QS University Rankings by Subject 2021
Durham subjects ranked among world’s best 4 March
Scientists discovered 1000 objects in Valley of Kings
Anonymous Gift Sponsors OU Esports Scholarships
Cultural Anthropologist Peter Pels part of research team into colonial collections
A healthy population is better equipped to handle a pandemic
Deep dive into bioarchaeological data reveals Mediterranean migration trends over 8,000 years
Penn State tied for first nationally in NSF rankings reflecting research breadth
USF-based archaeologists help uncover lost African American cemetery in Clearwater
UCPH gathers medical anthropologists for a conference on chronic conditions
FSU anthropologist to investigate possible site of Apalachee revolt
Penn State research impacts world
Wolves, dogs and dingoes, oh my
Neandertal gene variants and Covid-19