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‘Land and Water Revisited’ to livestream for premier
Life-hack: Rituals Spell Anxiety Relief
New book chronicles complexities of Roman storage
Non-tobacco plant identified in ancient pipe for first time
10 ways an arts degree can change world
Rigid treatments can cause disease to spread
Unearthing Evidence of More Sophisticated Manufacturing in Bronze Age
Marching for change: 2017 Women’s March met with mostly positive support online
Strengthened research profiles, novel visions for future
Desert art with heart from red centre of Alice Springs
Researchers discover origins of beloved guinea pig
Unexpected mammal provides insight into lives of ancient hominins
We’re not all equal in face of coronavirus
Archaeologist sinks teeth into understanding cultural identity, interactions in ancient Nile River Valley
Today’s Top 5 From Purdue University 9 June
New understanding of contact between Stone Age cultures
It’s no ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’: Elton John work subject of new book
UNM researchers document first use of maize in Mesoamerica
Sex workers’ rights group Stella gets a biography by one of its members
UO research explores how Native Americans used sea otters
New Pandemic Journaling Project Captures People’s COVID-19 Experiences
Vanderbilt University screening tool assesses COVID-19 risk
Human Mobility and Western Asia’s Early State-Level Societies
Study of 2 cities shows domestic violence reports on rise as COVID-19 keeps people home
Women with Neandertal gene give birth to more children
Surveillance takes on many different forms during a pandemic, according to Concordia researcher
Researchers call for new approach to some mental disorders
3Qs at U with Science Sam: David Samson on sleep
Cultural diversity in chimpanzees
How do humans and environment interact?
University researcher on why puzzles became a popular pandemic pastime
Did climate change cause infections 6,000 years ago?
Did climate change cause infections 6,000 years ago?
UO archaeologists help keep state road projects moving
You little beauty: Australian team wins AI Eurovision-style song contest
Chemical evidence of dairying by hunter-gatherers in highland Lesotho in first millennium AD
Oldest Upper Paleolithic Homo sapiens in Europe
Students tackle anthropology of COVID-19
Close encounters in forest: western lowland gorillas
WSU selects Elizabeth Chilton as next provost
African Skeletons From Early Colonial Mexico Tell Story of First Generation Slaves
Latest technology isn’t always best, most sustainable or adequate
Citizenship, Migration & Global Transformation: an interdisciplinary research project
Going all-digital, University Mississauga art gallery addresses COVID-19 crisis, supports arts and culture
Proof-of-Concept Grant for Sahana Udupa
Marshall elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
UO biologist Karen Guillemin named to national academy
Researchers offer glimpse into dinosaur ecosystems