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Chimpanzee friends fight together to battle rivals
Shift in caribou movements may be tied to human activity
“Attitude of gratitude” keeps older people in Japan feeling hopeful as they age, study shows
New Study Presents A Gloomy Climate Future for Middle Eas
USF anthropologists work to strengthen relationships with Indigenous communities
New curriculum requirements bring host of new courses to A&S
WSU scientists identify contents of ancient Maya drug containers
Foraging humans, mammals and birds who live in same place behave similarly
Environment shapes behaviour
New grant will create an institute for racial and climate justice
Medieval Far North needs Indigenous perspectives, argues Concordia researcher
‘Politics of Pandemics’ masters stipend awarded to Eirik Bryhn Jacobsen
Brendan Bohannan selected for Humbolt Research Award
Are horses our partners or our tools?
How will we remember this holiday season?
When Seme met Faith: How a refugee from South Sudan found love with an American in Uganda
Antibiotics for C-sections Effective After Umbilical Cord Clamped
Primate Orphans Have it Tough Even Before Mother Dies
On planetary change and human health
Analysis of ancient teeth reveal clues about how sociopolitical systems grow
New Provenance Research Project
Gay men may be at greater risk for poor skeletal health: University study
Ownership, Value and Question of Colonial Heritage in Museums
Case studies show climate variation linked to rise and fall of medieval nomadic empires
They’re developing an AI-based ship support system
Tübingen scientist gets awarded with Leibniz Prize
ERC Consolidator Grants: Four Million Euros for UZH Researchers
Archaeologists uncover evidence of psychedelics use at cave site
Seeing values behind numbers
South Asia, Latin America ‘flashpoints’ of global care markets
Genetics of human face begin to reveal underlying profile
Canada honours Canada’s top social sciences and humanities researchers
Teeth from extinct Oregon sea otters reveal a northern kinship
Anthropologist Andrew Littlejohn composes sonic ethnography in Japan
Indian authorities taking land from farmers
African trade routes sketched out by mediaeval beads
Projects offer COVID-19 testing, explore virus transmission’s social factors
Prehistoric hunters from North Sea used human bones as weapons
New diagnostic model to help speed up treatment of children with cancer
Contract Archaeology director Dello-Russo to retire
Researcher Offers New Theory on ‘Venus’ Figurines
Ahmann co-edits journal issue on ‘late industrialism’
Ancient blanket made with 11,500 turkey feathers
Why young people use chemical substances
Book by UNM archaeologist documents Pueblo Bonito chocolate jars find
3 Questions: Christine Walley on evolving perception of robots in US
Research on intergenerational impacts of Maralinga nuclear tests supported by Moran Award
Today’s catastrophic concerns shaped by past interactions between science, culture