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Breakthrough research examines effects introduced animals had on Madagascar’s extinct megafauna
Research ‘final nail in coffin’ of Paranthropus as hard object feeders
Chimpanzees have not entered stone age
Recovering DNA from Challenging Forensic Evidence in Forensic Genomics
Revealing values in mathematics education through variety of cultural lenses
Preparation Can Help Dogs Cope with Their People Returning to Work
Speaking Spanish could help your heart
OMI hosts NM Sen. Heinrich
You can snuggle wolf pups all you want, they still won’t ‘get’ you quite like your dog
Want to avoid running overuse injuries? Don’t lean forward so much, says CU Denver study
Concordia names Michel Magnan and David Howes 2021 Distinguished University Research Professors
Is “Dragon Man” a Missing Link in Human Evolution?
New Maxwell exhibitions examine work of two photographers
Resilience, not collapse: What Easter Island myth gets wrong
Satellite monitoring documents cultural heritage at risk
Body of evidence
Buen Vivir: Examining Well-being in Colombia at a Time of Protest and Police Violence
Preserving knowledge and keeping up links
Public trust in science remains strong during pandemic, but study suggests some decrease in late 2020
Conservatives’ sensitivity to pandemic threat suppressed by distrust of science, media
Major research project to study chronic pain
Ethics of returning colonial photography
UNESCO and LiiV to launch a global partnership to advance science of Digital Anthropology
West African photography’s golden age on display
National network to connect researchers and concerned citizens working to preserve historical Black cemeteries
World’s Earliest Shark Attack Victim Identified in Japan
Dirty secrets: sediment DNA reveals a 300,000-year timeline of ancient and modern humans living in Siberia
Newly sequenced genome of extinct giant lemur sheds light on animal’s biology
Sweeping Analysis Concludes There’s No Cheating Old Age
Institute launches So Help Me God: a history of oaths of office
Outstanding Research Awards go to five scholars, two teams
Call for Participation: Winter School Digital Visual Engagements in Anthropological Research
Canada makes major investment in Canadian science, research and engineering
Human microbiome could shed light on higher morbidity rate in minoritized populations
Barks in night lead to discovery of new species
New mothers negatively impacted by COVID-19 pandemic policies
New ERC Project Exploring Moral Dimensions of Surveillance launches
New exhibitions showcase rarely seen works
Call for Participation online workshop Interrogating Speculative Futures
Global change: a tight squeeze for African great apes
Concordia’s Milieux Institute welcomes its largest-ever number of postdoctoral fellows
Researcher David Samson on mental health rewards of sleep – and tips on how to achieve it
Cornell shares land acknowledgement
IU works with Native American tribes on new measures to strengthen partnership
Sustainable archaeology: Research into Easter Island’s past may aid its residents today
Desire to help fellow Indigenous students leads to prestigious award for new graduate
New evidence may change timeline for when people first arrived in North America
Indigenous grads share stories of self-discovery at First Nations House ceremony