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How do humans and environment interact?
University researcher on why puzzles became a popular pandemic pastime
Did climate change cause infections 6,000 years ago?
Did climate change cause infections 6,000 years ago?
UO archaeologists help keep state road projects moving
You little beauty: Australian team wins AI Eurovision-style song contest
Chemical evidence of dairying by hunter-gatherers in highland Lesotho in first millennium AD
Oldest Upper Paleolithic Homo sapiens in Europe
Students tackle anthropology of COVID-19
Close encounters in forest: western lowland gorillas
WSU selects Elizabeth Chilton as next provost
African Skeletons From Early Colonial Mexico Tell Story of First Generation Slaves
Latest technology isn’t always best, most sustainable or adequate
Citizenship, Migration & Global Transformation: an interdisciplinary research project
Going all-digital, University Mississauga art gallery addresses COVID-19 crisis, supports arts and culture
Proof-of-Concept Grant for Sahana Udupa
Marshall elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
UO biologist Karen Guillemin named to national academy
Researchers offer glimpse into dinosaur ecosystems
An Awkward Relationship
Researchers earn SSHRC Insight Grants
Neandertals had older mothers and younger fathers
University to support 31 high-impact coronavirus research projects through Toronto COVID-19 Action Fund
Class makes documentaries through remote teaching
2020 Faculty Research Awards go to 23 UO scholars
New study to explore effects of social distancing launched online
UNM researchers use advanced computing to study COVID-19
Four Ways Disgust Is Shaping Coronavirus Pandemic
Lights, Camera, AI: Australian team to compete in AI Eurovision-style song contest
Milk pioneers: East African herders consumed milk 5,000 years ago
Researchers use 21st century genomics to estimate Samoan population dynamics over 3,000 years
Sociologist leads national survey on impact of COVID-19
Amazonian crops domesticated 10,000 years ago
Coronavirus communications not always received
Postponed- Making a Laboratory: What Method for Erotohistoriography?
Research finds similarities between way humans, chimpanzees age
Indigenous knowledge could reveal ways to weather climate change on islands
Coronavirus Hits Supply Chains
Lifestyle trumps geography in determining makeup of gut microbiome
Fossil skull reveals ape-like brain but prolonged growth similar to humans
Researchers find apelike brain in human ancestor
Lucy had an ape-like brain
High-altitude adaptations may mitigate risk of chronic disease
Research collaborative looks at spread of domestic horses
Publishing in March: Cambridge World History of Violence
New criminology course to advance criminal justice research
Research team uncovers ancient Maya capital in a Mexican backyard
World With Viruses: Reminding Us How Little Control We Have