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New PIDS-IDSA guideline on bone infections in kids addresses key diagnostic and treatment questions
Reducing antibiotic use in primary care alone may not halt drug resistant bugs
Women voice frustration over current care for recurrent urinary tract infections
Researchers develop coating for endotracheal tubes that releases antimicrobial peptides
Oral Vaccine Failure in Mouse Model of Chronic Gut Disorder
Mayo Clinic in Florida recognized as Center of Excellence for Antimicrobial Stewardship
Cornell vets help baby pit bull overcome birth defects
How extensive were adverse health effects of bushfire smoke in summer of 2019/20?
When stubborn bugs refuse to make drugs
Don’t fool around with syphilis
Keeping copper atoms closer to keep bacteria away
Model can predict how drug interactions influence antibiotic resistance
Pathogen trapping proteins can differentiate between types of bacteria
Hunting for TB’s most vulnerable genes
Antibiotics may help to treat melanoma
How does structure of cytolysins influence their activity?
Meningococcal case 21 July
Babies at Risk for Diabetes May Have Microbiota Restored
Is bacterial acidity key to tackle antimicrobial resistance?
Antibiotic prescriptions for kids plummet during pandemic
Small molecule induces readthrough of cystic fibrosis CFTR nonsense mutations
CHOP researchers establish novel approach for developing new antibiotics
“A Spinning Toy Meets Hydrodynamics and Sets Point-of-Care Diagnostics in Motion”
Hollow nano-objects made of DNA could trap viruses and render them harmless
New avenue for fighting drug-resistant bacteria
Antibiotic resistance is killing children overseas
Study reveals startling numbers of serious bacterial infections in feverish infants during pandemic
Antibiotics in Early Life Could Affect Brain Development
Researchers develop new technique to treat middle ear infections
Progress towards new treatments for tuberculosis
High-tech toilets could spread antibiotic-resistant superbugs in hospitals, Japanese study suggests
Resistance to last-resort antibiotic may be passing between pet dogs and their owners
Population-specific diversity within fungi species could enable improved drug discovery
Bacterium-derived compound from food shown to stimulate brain cell growth
Women with recurrent UTIs voice ‘fear and frustration’ over treatment options
Awards & Accolades 8 July
Gutting to chase on how bacteria adapts and functions
Molecules in motion: researchers capture six new structures of ribosome in action
COVID-19 clears up rapidly after stool transplant to treat bacterial infection
Work like a dream: new anticholinergic drug keeps PTSD flashbacks and nightmares away
Nobel Prize winning microscopy technique uncovers mechanisms of bacterial antibiotics resistance
Food for thought: are organic foods really pesticide free?
IU researchers discover promising new way to prevent, treat kidney infections
To adsorb or to do not adsorb? That is question
Michelle O’Malley’s lab group discovers that anaerobic fungi
Study suggests scientists may need to rethink which genes control aging
Antibiotic resistance stable in Netherlands in 2020
Versatile and reliable SARS-CoV-2 antibody assay