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Healthy Microbiome May Prevent Deadly Infections in Critically Ill
Researchers Discover Initial Steps of Antibiotic Resistance
Vaginal Microbiome Has No Effect on Infant Gut Microbiome
Vedolizumab Shows Promise in Treating Chronic Pouchitis
Overprescription of Antibiotics Causes Widespread Side Effects: Study
BU Researchers Identify Cell Structure Behind Traveler’s Diarrhea
Engineering and Biochemistry Researchers Awarded ERC Grants
New drug types can help counter antibiotic resistance
Symbiotic Yeast Aids Longicorn Beetles in Wood Digestion
Mothers’ Vaginal Microbiome Has No Effect on Babies’ Gut Microbiome
NHMRC Awards Two Researchers for Research Excellence
Fomepizole Overcomes Antibiotic-Resistant Pneumonia in Mice
Membrane Discs as Antitoxins
Research Links Respiratory Infections in Pregnancy to Heart Defects
Drug-Resistant Fungus Spreading in Hospitals: Is it Last of Us?
Research links severe respiratory infections to congenital heart defects
Low Vaccination Rates Spell Harsh Whooping Cough Winter for New Zealand
New computational method tracks antibiotic resistance spread quickly and affordably
Fly DNA fighting killer bacteria
Sepsis study to power new antibiotic discoveries
Human Body Breeds Antimicrobial Resistance Genes
James Chappell wins NSF CAREER Award
Scientists Make Progress in Preventing C. Diff Infections
Virtual Wards Proven Safe and Effective for Treating MPOX Patients
Combination Therapy Treats Vancomycin-Resistant Bacterial Infections
WHO Unveils Priorities for Age-Suitable Antibiotic R&D
One case of Candida auris detected in New Zealand
Immune System Could Lessen TB Antibiotic Use
Bacteria Cell Division Halted By Blocked Wall Formation
HKUMed Develops 2D Ultrasound-Responsive Nano-Sheets to Combat Bone Infection
SA Pharmacy’s Prescribing Causes RACGP Concern
Project to develop new precision antibiotics launched
RACGP: SA pharmacy prescribing plan recipe for disaster
Superbug Co-Infection Boosts Covid Replication: Study
UK Freshwaters Polluted by Pet Flea & Tick Treatments
UK Freshwaters Polluted by Pet Flea & Tick Treatments
Scientists Find Possible Solution to Global Bacteria Problem
Fomepizole Beats Antibiotic-Resistant Pneumonia in Mice
Streptomyces Nano-Syringes: Self-Protection Through Self-Poisoning
Life Expectancy Gap of Sickle Cell Patients Quantified
UKHSA: Get Tested if New/Multiple Sexual Partners After Rise in Gonorrhoea Cases
PCR Panels Cut Costs, Hospital Stays, Antibiotic Use for GI Infections
Marine biologist fights to save coral reefs
Strong Winds Increase Pathogen Risk For Outdoor Chickens
Mystery Virus Rapunzel Discovered: Rare Evolutionary Find
Winds Exacerbate Pathogen Spread on Outdoor Chicken Farms
Perfected Cultivated Meat Could Help Fight Food Shortages in Climate Crisis
Team Raises £2M to Speed Up Antibiotic Prescriptions