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Nanobiotics: Model predicts how nanoparticles interact with proteins
Using artificial intelligence to stop antibiotic resistant superbug outbreaks in our hospitals
Adult with meningococcal disease 16 May
Scientists use virus to fight bacterial infection clearing way for life-saving lung transplant
Study links Antibiotic use to inflammatory bowel disease in older adults
Researchers mobilise to combat antimicrobial resistance
Mother-daughter duo demonstrates power of nurse’s care
How to best protect your immune system
Inhaled antibiotics could help reduce antimicrobial resistance
Immuron partner submits IND application to US FDA for new therapeutic
Patient safety at risk in pharmacy prescribing trials
Researchers find trigger for ‘cell suicide’; could lead to new skin infection therapies
Scientists discover new phage therapy combination to combat antibiotic-resistance
Diets high in fiber linked to less drug resistance in gut bacteria
Researchers identify rare genetic markers of drug-resistant tuberculosis
Unsuspected virtues of hot pepper
Researchers tackle antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Moms who research moms: Spotlighting VU research on motherhood
Experts sound alarm on AMR bacteria found in Australian supermarket meats
New tool to create hearing cells lost in aging
Protein contributes to drug tolerance in tuberculosis
India planned to eliminate TB by 2025, but it’s estimated half a million Indians are still dying from it every year
Research reveals how Acinetobacter baumannii survives without water on hospital surfaces
New model for antibacterial mechanism
How soil microbe could rev up artificial photosynthesis
Single course of antibiotics affects gut microbiota of infants
Cornell Veterinary farm call service saves mother sheep
Meningococcal case 28 April 2022
New polymer system to revolutionize delivery of therapeutics
Genetic diversity of C. difficile, particularly problematic pathogen
Research finds genetic diversity of particularly problematic pathogen
A refined microbiome “fingerprint” method tracks sub-strain variants of a single gut microbe strain
New approach to advance care planning preferred by Canadian long-term care residents
New €2.8m project will seek insights into aging from pre-term births
New method to advance care planning preferred by Canadian long-term care residents
Viruses in gut may warn of deadly disease in preterm infants
Historical overview: towards more sustainable livestock sector
Research reveals superbug C. difficile can jump between pigs and humans, providing evidence of zoonotic spread
Concordia biology prof awarded $6 million investment for innovative genomics-solution research
Adult with meningococcal disease 22 April
Adding high-flavonoid corn to broiler chickens’ diet may cut intestinal disease
Scientists use machine learning to identify antibiotic resistant bacteria that can spread between animals, humans and environment
Science of cannabis, work in progress
New Tools Against Hospital Infections?
From rare soil microbe, new antibiotic candidate
Automated CAST-R System Helps to Identify Best Antimicrobials to Fight Acute Blood Infections
Research could enable assembly line synthesis of prevalent amine-containing drugs
Researchers find gut microbiota regulate pancreatic growth, exocrine function, and gut hormones