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Using sponges to wipe out cancer
Antibiotics masquerading as a natural compound in flower
Lifestyle trumps geography in determining makeup of gut microbiome
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Blocking Iron Transport Could Stop Tuberculosis
April 2020 edition of Australian Prescriber out now
Faecal transplants – what they can and cannot treat
Dental pain – what you can do before you see dentist
“When it comes to infectious diseases, we’re still vulnerable”
Solving a medical mystery and changing CDC screenings for COVID-19
Learning from echoes of past plagues, poxes, flus
UC Davis launches two clinical studies to treat COVID-19
“In a crisis like this, an antiviral drug could buy us some time”
App helps doctors find right dose of Corona medication
Small Change Has Big Impact for Animals
Mother’s gut bacteria may hold key to predicting childhood food allergies
Antibiotics can limit body’s ability to uptake analgesics
Graphite nanoplatelets on medical devices kill bacteria and prevent infections
UWA set to fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Developing a novel oral antibiotic to treat multidrug-resistant gonorrhea
Bacterial enzyme could become a new target for antibiotics
SMART announces new method for processing fluid droplets
Nanostructured rubber-like material with optimal properties could replace human tissue
A new method can provide tailor-made vaccines
Researchers working on mastitis test that could save milk producers millions
$2.4 Billion health plan to fight COVID-19
Mapping Bacterial Neighborhoods in Gut
Metals could be link to new antibiotics
WA records third case of meningococcal disease
Dora Lush’s legacy for women in science
RACGP pushes back against Pharmacy Guild power grab
Repeat antibiotic prescribing linked to higher risk of hospital admissions
Metals could be link to new antibiotics
Lab-free infection test could eliminate guesswork for doctors
New research demonstrates safety of phage therapy in patients
Artificial intelligence yields new antibiotic
Meningococcal disease death in a young adult
Signed orders help patients avoid unwanted ICU care
New Tablelands dairy facility whipping up Tropical North jobs market
Gut bacteria linked to anxiety-like behaviours in children
Pediatric researchers in Montreal unite to tackle infection and immunity on two different fronts
Penn Medicine Researchers Illuminate Racial Disparity in U.S. Acne Treatment
Why C. difficile infection spreads despite increased sanitation practices
Second antibiotic no advantage for treating super-bug Golden Staph
Discovery of ‘Holy Grail’ of antibiotics
High Court rejects bid to overturn decision in favour of a toddler left with a severe disability
Bacteria under microscope: a new growth model for tuberculosis
Can my cat get flu?