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Researchers find gut microbiota regulate pancreatic growth, exocrine function, and gut hormones
New findings show effectiveness of meningococcal B vaccine against gonorrhoea
From rare soil microbe, new antibiotic candidate
Engineered bacteria could help protect “good” gut microbes from antibiotics
Meningococcal case 8 April
Study Unlocks Key to Success of Drug-Resistant Bacteria
First round of funded projects announced from Benkovic Research Initiative
Antibiotic and antiretroviral drug effects on breast milk are explored for mothers living with HIV
How narrow-spectrum antibiotic takes aim at C. Diff
Tiny Jumping Genes Fingered as Culprit in Rise of Antibiotic Resistance
Patients Reporting Penicillin Allergy Less Likely to Have Successful Dental Implants
Researchers use new method to target potentially undiscovered beneficial therapeutic chemicals
Tiny jumping genes fingered as culprit in rise of drug resistance
CSIRO study finds antimicrobial resistance is making UTIs more deadly
Research team from Goethe University discovers Achilles’ heel of dangerous hospital pathogen
TSU-developed paint will help fight nosocomial infections
‘Host-directed therapy’ could treat infectious diseases – including COVID – and limit drug-resistance
NHS Develops World-First Bedside Genetic Test To Prevent Babies Going Deaf
Synthetic key unlocks hidden biology treasure chest
Structure of a bacterial “drug pump” finds new way to counter hospital-borne infection
Scientists identify new targets for immunotherapy in colon cancer
UK medical aid donations to Ukraine hits five million items
AMA Federal Council calls on Queensland to abandon “dangerous” pharmacy prescribing trial
UAB host meeting with One Health specialists
Still coughing after COVID? Here’s why it happens and what to do about it
Into wild to fight antibiotic resistance
Transgenic maize ‘Ruifeng 125’ is remarkably resistant to corn borers
Mathematicians Identify Key Source of Cell-to-Cell Variability in Cell Signaling
Unprecedented videos show RNA switching ‘on’ and ‘off’
New test predicts sepsis before blood clots cause permanent organ damage, markedly increasing survival
Researchers develop coated probiotics that could be effectively delivered into human gut
Emergence of Porphyromonas gingivalis drug resistance over 20 Years
How bacteria “self-vaccinate” against viral invaders
Recent grads on mission to support Ukraine
Combating antibiotic resistance together
Study Connects Shorter Course of Antibiotics to Fewer Antibiotic Resistance Genes
Research connects shorter course of antibiotics to fewer drug resistance genes
UKHSA calls for renewed effort to tackle TB
Researchers join forces against tuberculosis
Warning for animal borne diseases
Research provides clues on why some bad infections persist
More vital medicines from UK arrive in Ukraine
Decrease in relapses of Crohn’s disease in youth
UK donates 3.7 million medical items to Ukraine
Researchers discover that anti-malaria drugs can fight pulmonary disease
UK donates two million medical items to Ukraine
Effectiveness of antibiotics significantly reduced when multiple bugs present
Blood test could shorten hospital stays for children with cancer, new study reveals