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New mechanism of antibiotic tetracycline discovered
Child with meningococcal disease 6 March
New model can predict how bacteria develop antibiotic resistance
Fighting antibiotic resistance through new diagnostics
Medical Microbiologist Lab Directors Needed to Run Clinical Microbiology Laboratories
Pregnant ICU Patient Recovers from COVID-19
How an “Antibiotic” Helps Bacteria Eat
Key enzymes for synthesizing natural products
Rapid point-of-care test for respiratory infections liked by GPs and may reduce antibiotic prescribing
Study unravels antibiotic resistance in MRSA ‘superbug’ infections
‘Smart Bandage’ detects, may prevent infections
PRINCIPLE Covid-19 treatments trial widens to under 50s and adds colchicine
Summer pneumonia
Ultrasonic cleaning of salad could reduce instances of food poisoning
An old antibiotic may combat drug-resistant tuberculosis
New tenure track: understanding and engineering microbial metabolism for health and sustainability
Advanced practice registered nurses help reduce hospitalizations from nursing home residents
Scientists use Doppler to peer inside cells, leading to better, faster diagnoses and treatments of infections
Plant based diet may ease painful skin ulceration of baffling blood vessel disorder
Crohn’s disease in Australia – latest research
New vaccine needed for serious childhood pneumonia
Researcher awarded $9.9M for tuberculosis treatment and prevention
Mouse study shows bacteriophage therapy could fight drug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae
A Healthier Alternative to Antibiotics
New antimicrobial resistance resource for vets
Two low-tech solutions making healthcare strides in Tanzania
Metabolic mutations help bacteria resist drug treatment
Antibiotic tolerance study paves way for new treatments
Strengthen ‘One Health approach’ to prevent future pandemics – WHO chief
Grant to help fill gaps in how livestock manure management affects antibiotic resistance
Penn Scientists Discover Microbial Transplants Require Key T Cells for Success
Chris didn’t know her back pain was a subtle sign of ovarian cancer
Hospital wastewater favors multi-resistant bacteria
Beyond infection, fungus alters endangered frog’s microbiome
Tree resin could cure infections caused by MRSA bacteria
Study finds ‘Achilles heel’ of Crohn’s-linked bacteria
No links between opioids or certain antibiotics in pregnancy and major birth defects
Dairy chain makes further progress toward sustainability
Seagulls are indicators of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in environment
Therapeutic potential of peptides
Soil bacteria hormone discovery provides fertile ground for new antibiotics
Biodiversity is its own catalyst – to a point
OSU scientists taking deep dive into how microbiomes respond to human-caused stressors
Missing for 18 months, this brave dog was found completely covered in grass seeds
New nano-weapon against resistant bacteria
Why Antibiotic-Resistant Cells Persist
From biofuels and other commodity chemicals to methane production, genomic study peers into mysteries of a goat’s gut
NIH study shows hyaluronan is effective in treating chronic lung disease