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Oncoscience | SLFN11’s surveillance role in protein homeostasis
Critical oncology trial data remains hidden
Researchers discover DNA copy number alterations lead to changes in RNA circuits that impact melanoma metastasis
Machine learning model to predict immunotherapy response in cancer patients
Researchers identify pathway that regulates angiogenesis in tumors
Covid vaccines safe for patients treated for lung cancer with immune checkpoint inhibitors
Pfizer Reports Additional Data on PAXLOVID Supporting Upcoming New Drug Application Submission to U.S. FDA
Pfizer to Invest $120 Million to Produce Covid Oral Treatment in U.S
New NYU Abu Dhabi research could make cancer treatments more efficient
Solid tumors use type of T cell as shield against immune attack
Researchers identify pathway that regulates lipid synthesis and contributes to tumor survival
Pfizer Shares Top-Line Results from Phase 2/3 EPIC-PEP Study of PAXLOVID for Post-Exposure Prophylactic Use
Plug-and-play organ-on-a-chip can be customized to patient
Cells’ “exosomes” may improve delivery of anticancer drugs to tumors
Dr. Pieter Cullis named 2022 Canada Gairdner Award laureate
Osmotic Pressure and Viscosity: Anticancer Drug Efficacy and Restricting Tumors Using LDDS
Antibodies Fight Cancer Too
Pfizer to Supply UNICEF up to 4 Million Treatment Courses of Novel Covid Oral Treatment for Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Treating tough tumors by exploiting their iron ‘addiction’
Cancer cells’ iron addiction may enable specific drug targeting
Class II PI3K lipid kinase: Structure of novel drug target resolved
To Slow Cancer, Close Cells’ Tunnels
Potent and economical anti-cancer therapeutic
Simplified antibiotic may set stage for antitumor treatments
Broccoli compound induces cell death in yeast, offers research path for cancer treatment
Cancer therapy using on-site synthesis of anticancer drugs
Development of New Gastric Cancer Model: Identification of Gastric Cancer Stem Cells
Gold-based cancer therapy could face competition from other substances
Immunotherapy for intractable mutant cancer using statin, hyperlipidemia drug
Creating smart nanomachines to detect highly invasive cancer after surgery and prevent recurrence – cancer metastasis and recurrence
Excluding race factors during kidney function evaluation may impact treatment of Black cancer patients
Removing Race from Kidney Function Estimates May Impact Care of Black Cancer Patients
Discovery of subset of human short introns spliced out by distinct mechanism
Why identical mutations cause different types of cancer
Biomechanics in response to drug in hypoxia by atomic force spectroscopy
UCI-led study finds that cancer immunotherapy may self-limit its efficacy
Scientists Discover Novel Oncogenic Driver Gene in Human Lung Cancer
Predicting resistance to anticancer drugs
CMU Team develops machine learning platform that mines nature for new drugs
Superoxide produced in cochlea of inner ears causes acquired hearing loss
Activation of prodrug using protein-encased gold catalyst
Scientists discover how to trick cancer cells to consume toxic drugs
Potential combined drug therapy for lung cancer
Light-gated control of cytoskeleton
Unprecedented drug design minimising side effects
New push targets deadly brain cancer