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TSU glacier research in Aktru received high praise from WGMS
Radar Remote Sensing Reveal Magnitudes and Patterns of Large-scale Permafrost Ground Deformation
Arctic Ocean started getting warmer decades earlier than we thought – Study
NASA grants will help scientists track effects of melting ice
UNE North hosts New England Arctic Network fall meeting
COP26 Strengthens Role of Indigenous Experts and Stewardship of Nature
Indigenous Research Network deepens and extends Indigenous research at University of Toronto and beyond
WWF Statement on Build Back Better Act 20 November
Readout of President Biden’s Meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada
ReNEW call for panel proposals
Master’s grad thrives on team atmosphere as scientist and athlete
Statement to Leaders from Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry and United States’ Director of White House Office
Sea-Unicorn: hidden pathways of oceans
Pentagon Announces Basing Decision for Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies
Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s Meeting With Norway’s Minister of Defence, Odd Roger Enoksen
After COP26, University of Toronto climate scientist says world is on thin ice
RRS Sir David Attenborough makes maiden voyage to Antarctica
Black spruce trees struggle to regenerate amid more frequent Arctic fires
Scientists look to extinct genes to protect endangered species, climate
Climate change will destroy familiar environments, create new ones and undermine efforts to protect sea life
Stay warm and cozy while enjoying November highlights on Watch world premiere of Caroline Robert’s interactive animated film
Humans hastened extinction of woolly mammoth
COP26: In Warming World How Do Nuclear Sciences Help Protect Water Resources?
Can climate laggards change? Russia, like Australia, first needs to overcome significant domestic resistance
Women bear brunt of climate crisis, COP26 highlights
Sandia-operated Arctic measurement facility to move, research to continue
Research pinpoints likely path of COVID-related plastic waste in ocean
Convex launches Seascape Survey Partnership with Blue Marine Foundation
Large contribution from mid-latitude biomass burning
UNE leading member of Maine delegation at Arctic Circle Assembly in Iceland
Best practices for community-researcher partnerships gets update
Increased frequency of extreme ice melting in Greenland raises global flood risk
Satellite monitoring of Greenland ice melting highlights global flood risk
Researchers attend COP26
Take part in Ice Worlds Festival and explore RRS Sir David Attenborough online
Research led by NUS researchers finds climate change increases fluvial sediment in high mountains of Asia
Runoff, sediment flux in High Mountain Asia could limit food, energy for millions
Improved DOE exascale Earth system model two times faster than previous version
Expedition completes deep sea exploration of hydrothermal vents, 4km under ice
Reviews highlight consequences of failing to tackle climate change
New polar ship makes London debut
Carbon dissolved in Arctic rivers affects globe
EU plans to collaborate with TSU Center of Science and Ethics
Secretary Blinken’s Call with Norwegian Foreign Minister Huitfeldt
New photography exhibition showing York’s climate research launches
Climate plans, net zero and urgent need to accelerate action
Why did mammoths disappear?
Microplastics are in air we breathe and in Earth’s atmosphere, and they affect climate