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Canada, Yukon and Yukon First Nations leaders meet at Intergovernmental Forum in Yukon
New measurements from Northern Sweden show less methane emissions than feared
World Bee Day: Imperial bee scientists share their research
Unlocking secrets of killer whale diets and their role in climate change
Microplastics Threaten Typical Remote Cryospheric Regions
Royal Canadian Navy announces Ship’s Sponsor for HMCS Max Bernays
Observing microplastic cycle
Defence Minister Anand hosts virtual Arctic Security and Defence Dialogue
Arctic Aerial Surveillance leads to significant penalties of $35,000 for Captain of Nunavut Fishing Vessel
Major study to examine beavers’ Arctic impact
Successful canadian, Inuit and UK research teams announced for major new Arctic research programme
Brazil-UK team played vital role in Covid response
Fossils reveal tropically hot North America 95 million years ago
Micro- and nanoplastic from atmosphere is polluting ocean
World getting ‘measurably closer’ to 1.5-degree threshold
WMO update: 50:50 chance of global temperature temporarily reaching 1.5°C threshold in next five years
UN joins faith-based initiative for shift towards climate-responsible finance
Religious leaders, UNEP appeal for climate-responsible finance as moral imperative towards children
Canada-Sweden statement on bilateral cooperation
JFC Norfolk Commander briefs Military Committee on security trends in North Atlantic and Arctic regions
First Rays of Sunlight for Sunrise III
Minister Joly to welcome Swedish counterpart to Canada
Thirty years of climate research funding has overlooked potential of experimental transformative technologies
Precipitation helped drive distribution of Alaska dinosaurs
Research discovers new bacteria that stick to plastic in deep sea to travel around ocean
New funding partnership adding wind-energy to grid in Yukon
Model pinpoints glaciers at risk of collapse due to climate change
Statement on United States – Iceland Strategic Dialogue
Norwegian State calls for rejection of Arctic oil case by European Court of Human Rights
Innovative Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Coming to Northern Quebec
Microbial Response to Changing and Fire-Prone Arctic Ecosystem
Protecting species for good of global climate
Secretary Haaland Tours Alaska’s National Parks and Public Lands to Commemorate Earth Week
Tribute to Earth – in pictures
Defence Minister Anita Anand speaks with Defence Minister of Norway, Bjørn Arild Gram
Antarctic sea-ice expansion in warming climate
Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Dr. Colin Kahl Meeting With Iceland Minister for Foreign Affairs Thordis Gylfadottir
Brains and brawn helped crows and ravens take over world
Is your money funding Putin’s war machine?
Comprehensive Climate Change Research
Research predicts thawing of gas-saturated permafrost around oil and gas wells of Russian Arctic
Eielson AFB completes F-35A Lightning II fleet
Record low Antarctic sea-ice extent since satellite era
Minister Vandal highlights Budget 2022 investments in good jobs, clean air and strong economy
Diverse life forms may have evolved earlier than previously thought
Honourable Daniel Vandal highlights jobs and growth investments, and cutting taxes for small businesses
Researchers Reveal Variations in Arctic Amplification Effect during Past Millennium
Melting ice caps may not shut down ocean current