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Ancient hunters stayed in frozen Northern Europe rather than migrating to warmer areas
Indigenous Knowledge Still Undervalued in Environmental Decisions
Thinner Arctic ice more sensitive to ocean heat fluxes and storms
Understanding past warming can limit climate change effects
Scientists create an electrical power source for oil exploration
First quantification of microplasticsoff coast of Nuuk
Second part of tales from Kajbasovo station
Sixth Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship to be named in honour of Canadian naval hero, Robert Hampton Gray
Tales from Kajbasovo Station in Siberia, Russia
Appointment of U.S. Coordinator for Arctic Region
Around Air Force: Arctic Strategy unveiled & Senate confirms Air National Guard director
Secretary Pompeo’s Meeting with Danish Prime Minister Frederiksen
Snowshoe hare carcasses feed more than usual predator suspects, study shows
Eruption of Alaska’s Okmok volcano linked to period of extreme cold in ancient Rome
ALP NEEDS climate vision
Iceland’s National Day
Reindeer were domesticated much earlier than previously thought, new study suggests
Statement by Secretary Pompeo on Opening of U.S. Consulate Nuuk
Denmark’s Constitution Day
Small Arctic coastal waterbodies, with big carbon release
RRS Sir David Attenborough’s cargo tender completes maiden voyage
Minister Garneau announces updated measures for cruise ships and passenger vessels in Canadian waters up to
45,000 bird wing measurements reveal where best fliers live
Norway’s Constitution Day
Prime Minister’s call with President Putin 8 May 2020
Doctoral dissertation: Soil moisture has a strong influence on Arctic vegetation
TSU biologists will test Russia’s largest river for microplastics
Chasing plankton under sea ice
Arctic wildlife uses extreme method to save energy
Research expedition faces extreme conditions in fast-changing Arctic
Canada releases first report on state of marine ecosystems in Canadian Arctic
Microplastic pollution recorded for first time in Antarctic sea ice
Remain in Arctic due to corona
Scientists use underwater microphones to study calving Arctic glacier
Tips from remote field researchers on life in isolation, tough environments
Polar Knowledge Canada is taking measures to help reduce risk of coronavirus
Lt Gen Richard Nugee to lead MOD’s climate change policy
UNE signs agreements expanding education in Arctic
Hotels Worldwide Check Into Cloud with Oracle
Researchers find new reason why Arctic is warming so fast
Canadian Armed Forces to demonstrate specialized Arctic skill-sets with international partners
Canada supports a global ban on heavy fuel oil in Arctic
Little auks that lived in Pacific
Heart-cooling device cuts surgery times
2019 Arctic operations for Canadian Coast Guard complete
Norwegian-Russian Winter School invites participants
Norwegian Sami joined SecNet to research Siberia and Arctic
NASA space robot tested in Antarctica