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Gene Therapy Advances to Treat Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes
Great Dane Puppy’s Heart Saved by Advanced Tech
Great Dane Puppy’s Heart Cured with Tech
Atrial Fibrillation Increases Dementia Risk
COVID-19 Hospitalizations Linked to Heart Complications in Men
HKU Scientists Find New Neural Mechanism for Regulating Water Intake
Gum Infection Linked to Heart Arrhythmia – Study
New Cardiac Cath Lab To Save More Victorian Lives
Genetic Predictors of Heart Arrhythmia, Comorbidity Revealed
CPR Saves Lives and Brains
Japanese Adults Benefit from Evening Soaks in Hot Springs
Research boost for heart muscle disease
Weak Electrical Pulses Could Treat Heart Arrhythmias: Simulations
National study suggests it’s time to rethink how we treat atrial fibrillation
Study Sheds Light on Reasons Behind Sex Differences in Myocarditis
Battery-free, light-powered pacemaker may improve quality of life for heart disease patients
Mild thyroid disorders can cause severe heart problems
New study uncovers major cause of deadly heart arrhythmias
Study finds connection between Covid and new-onset AFib
New recommendations to bridge gaps in awareness, treatment of cardiac device infections
More parents than patients develop PTSD after cardiovascular defibrillators are implanted in their children
Cannabis prescribed for pain linked with small risk of heart problems
AHA statement offers guidance on sleep-disordered breathing and cardiac arrhythmias in adults
Mini donkey gets big boost from pacemaker
Bigger is better for genetic tests that check for cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias
Silva receives award from American Heart Association
New drug molecule for treatment of atrial fibrillation
Two different white blood cell types play opposing roles in affecting heartbeat irregularities after heart attack
Spiral Wave Teleportation Theory Offers New Path to Defibrillate Hearts, Terminate Arrhythmias
Global AFib study reveals simple ablation has best outcomes
Up to 80% of athletes who die suddenly had no symptoms or family history of heart disease
Australian Discovery in Sudden Cardiac Arrest Could Save Lives
New screening test for those at risk of sudden cardiac arrest
How mother-youth emotional climate helps adolescents cope with stress
Transcranial stimulation lowers blood pressure in patients with resistant hypertension
Post-surgical nightmare turned ‘miracle’
Reducing atrial fibrillation through ED protocol
Take herbal supplements with dose of caution
Repair program for heart
HeartStart Automated External Defibrillators
Cui to seek better drugs for irregular heartbeat
Cell-derived therapy may help repair abnormal heart rhythm
SARS-CoV-2 virus can infect heart’s pacemaker cells
Overweight patients should slim down before procedure to treat abnormal heart rhythm
Sudden cardiac arrest kills one in five people but cannot be reliably predicted yet
Who should receive device to prevent sudden cardiac death?
Advice on how to use digital devices to detect and manage arrhythmias published today
Advice to prevent consequences of interference in cardiac device patients published today