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Whole-heart computational modeling provides insights for individualized treatment
3rd Covid vaccine dose recommended for some adults
Shrinking waveforms on electrocardiograms predict worsening health and death of hospitalized Covid and influenza patients
Radiation therapy reprograms heart muscle cells to younger state
Physiological stressors triggering disease in heart
Research provides insights into sex differences in patients with suspected cardiac sarcoidosis
New specialist boosts Illawarra services
Heart inflammation, Covid and rare side effects of vaccine
Study reveals possibility that many Japanese have undiagnosed Gitelman Syndrome
Distilling 70 years’ worth of data
Alcohol Can Cause Immediate Risk of Atrial Fibrillation
Screening for atrial fibrillation could reduce risk of stroke
Fibrosis ablation shows promise in atrial fibrillation with low grade fibrotic myopathy
Exercise maintains normal heart rhythm in patients with atrial fibrillation
Coffee doesn’t raise your risk for heart rhythm problems
HKU Mechanical Engineering team develops ECG sensor for detecting atrial fibrillation
Study IDs Risk Factors for Irregular Heartbeats in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Patients
New method to predict atrial fibrillation recurrence
Imaging test may predict patients most at risk of some heart complications from COVID-19
Normal blood pressure over long term is the key to heart health
First-ever transient pacemaker harmlessly dissolves in body
AI approach could predict treatment strategy for arrhythmia patients
Living an Active Life with Heart Failure
Induced hypothermia after cardiac arrest did not improve survival
Graphene ‘camera’ captures real-time electrical activity of beating heart
Space travel weakens our immune systems: Now scientists may know why
Magnets in iPhone series 12 can interfere with some implanted cardiac devices
Chip inserted under skin may better identify patients at risk of recurrent stroke
When irregular heartbeat is something more: WHF Roadmap on Atrial Fibrillation
Alcohol may have immediate effect on atrial fibrillation risk, events
Simple surgery prevents strokes in heart patients
UBCO cardiovascular researcher urges women to listen to their hearts
Why does heart scarring cause abnormal rhythms in some people but not others?
Study yields new clue to strokes of undetermined source
Ohio State Researchers Examine How Fibrosis Affects Heart’s Natural Pacemaker
Study paves way for preventing sudden cardiac arrest in community
People with heart rhythm disorders warned over cannabis use
ACP and AHA partner on new open access journal-Annals of Internal Medicine: Clinical Cases
LIFEPAK CR2 Defibrillator
Does Your Child Have MIS–19 or Kawasaki Disease?
Alexa, do I have an irregular heart rhythm?
Walking patterns could predict type of cognitive decline
Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. James L. Cox receives 2020 ACS Jacobson Innovation Award
An Apple Watch anniversary gift and future it helped change
Alcohol Causes Immediate Effects Linked to Heart Malady
Heart patients to benefit from new technology
La Trobe Financial Cardiac Catheterisation Unit opens at Epworth Richmond
Lockdown lowers incidence of heart arrhythmia