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Using AI to help contain COVID-19
ORNL scientists tap into AI to put a new spin on neutron experiments
Machine learning improves non-destructive materials testing
COVID-19 Should Be Wake-Up Call for Robotics Research
COVID-19 first target of new AI research consortium
Interactive product labels require new regulations, study warns
CMU,, Microsoft, and Five Leading Research Universities Launch Digital Transformation Institute
European Commission finances CLAIRE plans with 50 million euro
Integrating Cancer Imaging Biomarker Clinical Research Across UK
Concerns over “exaggerated” study claims of AI outperforming doctors
Biocomplexity Institute Wins $10M Grant to Thwart Future Pandemics
Tracking enemy, down to its genes
Research could help doctors predict and prevent stillbirth
Lab antibody, anti-viral research aids COVID-19 response
More UBC researchers receive federal funding to study COVID-19
Researchers use open-source software to improve COVID-19 screening with AI
Study uses AI to estimate unexploded bombs from Vietnam War
Smart Fever Screening System for Safeguarding Public Health
Inventing Sustainable Batteries of Future
System trains driverless cars in simulation before they hit road
White House Announces New Partnership to Unleash U.S. Supercomputing Resources to Fight COVID-19
Joint Statement by Prime Ministers of Australia and Singapore
Rensselaer Offers AiMOS Supercomputing Capabilities to Battle COVID-19
Two Steps Ahead of Coronavirus
Berkeley Lab Cosmologists Are Top Contenders in Machine Learning Challenge
A faster test for COVID-19
A chemical factory for all cases
New clues in AI cancer prognoses
How humans are teaching AI to become better at second-guessing
Tailor-made advice thanks to artificial intelligence?
Daisee Empowers Distributed Workforces with Artificial Intelligence To Do Great Business Despite
$28 million grant to transform design and production of buildings in Australia
“Inactive” pill ingredients could raise dose of your medication
“Blind over-reliance” on AI technology to manage international migration could lead to serious
Outside Perspective: Reflecting on Technology Transfer Around World
Artificial intelligence helps prevent disruptions in fusion devices
Oracle Cloud Powers New Video, Gaming, and Sports Streaming Services
Cambridge research team working towards vaccine against COVID-19
Call to Action to Tech Community on New Machine Readable COVID-19 Dataset
Researchers sniff out AI breakthroughs in mammal brains
Market exploration telexistence
OFC 2020 Conference and Exhibition Wraps in San Diego, Presenting an Innovative Live and Virtual Exp
Wearable device assists people with loss of bladder function
Crowdsourcing plot lines to help creative process
3Q: Collaborating with users to develop accessible designs
U.S. President Trump Is Committed To Safeguarding America’s Vital Communications Networks And Securing 5G Technology
Cooperation with core partners kick-started
Swiss Re announces a strategic alliance with Microsoft