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AI lights way for futuristic electronics
Building Defects Detectable with New Tech in Sydney
Artificial Intelligence: boon or bane for educators?
New national IVF clinic success rates released
NASA Awards Millions to Historically Black Colleges, Universities
AI Helps Personalize Cancer Treatment at Sussex Univ
New investment in research into AI in Swedish workplaces
Autonomous driving: New algorithm distributes risk fairly
AI means rethink of teaching foreign languages
New sensor enables ‘smart diapers,’ range of other health monitors
Robots and A.I. team up to discover highly selective catalysts
HSF advises Fingerprint for Success Group on Seed Capital Raise
AI Disruption in Music Industry: Text-to-Audio Generation Arrives
ChatGPT: Amazing AI engineering can be beneficial
Research Reveals Ways to Cut Hospital Readmissions: Corewell Health
AI could speed up discovery of new medicines
Researchers’ studies offer promise for lung and brain cancer treatment
Using AI to predict recurring lung cancer
Artificial Intelligence Improves Efficiency of Genome Editing
AI helps scientists decipher cellular structures
Novel AI to Help Reduce Vision Loss for Diabetics – UoL Spin-Out
Lightning-Fast Matrix Multiplication Achieved
Digital Revolution Sparks Ecosystem Structural Diversity Research
Banking, healthcare and education set to be transformed by AI
ChatGPT: AI Revolutionizing Teaching
Liquid Windows’ Mimic Squid Skin to Cut Energy Costs
Texas Science Festival Will Inspire Texans Through Scientific Discovery
Two Gina Cody School faculty IEEE Fellows
LMU Digitizes World’s Largest Cuneiform Library with AI
AI Training Method Offers Hope for Aggressive Cancer Treatments
UNESCO Leads Global Dialogue on Social Media Info Reliability
Online hate speech is often hidden in plain sight
Australia-US talks to strengthen high-tech cooperation
HKUST, ASTRI Launch Joint PhD Program
Finger on pulse: Research that tackles worlds biggest health problems
Liquid Windows: Energy-Saving Inspiration from Squid Skin
Swamidass named AAAS fellow
Robots May Live Forever: Self-Repairing Future Ahead
CSIRO researchers use machine learning to advance Alzheimer’s research
Nonhuman ‘Authors’: Impact on Medical Knowledge Integrity
Bot gives nonnative speakers floor in videoconferencing
Image Analysis Made Easy for All Scientists
AI Tech Exacerbates Biases in Facial Age Perception
AI overlooks hostile social media messages
Legged robots need more testing before real-world use
Reijer Passchier speaks about digital transition at SER
AI Helps Find Super-Strong Antibodies
Antiverse joins Cardiff Innovations