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Light Pollution: How to Preserve Stars
Artificial light at night aids caterpillar predators
Citizen Scientists Report: Stars Vanish in Light Pollution
Light Pollution is Killing Desert Rodents
Sun-Powered Gel Purifies Water for Daily Use
New Throws Centre primed for medals
New Technique Developed to Obtain Chemical Inputs Without CO2 Emission
Light pollution disturbs glow and reproduction of glow-worms
Night Sky Brightening Rapidly, Impacts Star Visibility Worldwide
Citizen Scientists Spot Vanishing Stars
Night Sky Stars Visibility Declining Faster Than Expected
Concordia Pioneers Indoor Lighting System for Biological Alignment
Concordia Pioneers Illumination System to Align with Biology
Massive marimo algae balls at risk from deadly winter sunburn
Ecology: Complex Whole Beyond its Pieces
Lighting way for local wildlife
Daylight May Help Sleep Troubles: Study
Turtley awesome scenes as season of wonder begins
Why does night shift increase risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease?
More than 2 million photos provide important insight into mammal behavior
Mammal communities divide their days in similar ways across wet tropics
Research finds that exposure to outdoor artificial light at night linked to increased risk of diabetes
Fertilisers limit pollination by changing how bumblebees sense flowers
Fertilizers limit pollination by changing how bumblebees sense flowers
Forward-thinking offers perspective in times of gas crisis
Is your teen a night owl? Their sleep pattern could shape their brain and behaviour years later
Enlightened route to wireless communications
Fake Egg Gives Baby Sea Turtles Better Crack at Survival
Migrating birds attracted by light pollution face higher toxic chemical exposure
Migrating birds drawn by light face higher chemical exposure
Light pollution’s deadly toll on Auckland seabirds
Bumblebees revisit favourite flowers as sun sets
New HQ Earns Sustainability Credentials
Viewing Earth from Space at Night: Tracking Our Changing Black Marble
Researchers aim to turn century-old building into model of smart energy use
Regions keep dark skies alight with constellations
How animals use their circalunar clock to control sexual maturation and reproduction
Circalunar clocks: using right light
Unique light-sensing 3D-printed device could help people with lupus
WVXU: Monarchs land on international endangered list
Smart lighting system based on quantum dots more accurately reproduces daylight
Artificial light at night can change behaviour of all animals, not just humans
Harm from blue light exposure increases with age, Oregon State University research suggests
Researchers discover brain pathway that helps to explain light’s effect on mood
Familiar face leads ‘Team Koala’ to win Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge for second time
Marine pilot transfer helicopter accident investigation details 21 findings
Study shows how artificial light affects seasonal rhythms of plants in U.S. cities
Dunedin Hospital construction signals start of major health infrastructure work