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Improving precision of pressure determination in nanosecond X-ray diffraction experiments
Giant mantle plume finds that Mars is more active than previously thought
Researchers directly observe turbulent magnetic feedback in solar wind
Mysteriously bright flash is black hole jet pointing straight toward Earth, astronomers say
Rare sighting of luminous jet ejected by supermassive black holes
Mysterious bright flash is black hole jet pointing straight at Earth
ZTF makes first discovery of rare cosmic ‘lunch’
Amateur Scientists Have Helped Astronomers Identify Nearly Quarter-Million Galaxies
Researchers build long-sought nanoparticle structure, opening door to special properties
Covid has had positive effect on astronomy research, but negative effect on new and female researchers
Shock waves trigger black holes’ powerful jets
Study Reveals Nature of Single-line Spectroscopic Binary Star KIC 10417986
Physicist Errando helps NASA solve black hole jet mystery
International Team Observes Innermost Structure of Quasar Jet
Bright fireball may have dropped meteorites in Niagara region
Short bursts of gamma rays are tracked further into distant universe
New quantum tool developed in groundbreaking experimental achievement
NASA Awards Extension for Space, Earth Science Data Analysis Contract
Shape of Milky Way’s halo of stars is realized
Webb Space Telescope reveals birth of galaxies, how universe became transparent
UW’s Kobulnicky to Host Screening of ‘Luminous’ Documentary Film
NIST’s On-Chip Calibration Methods Advance Semiconductor Research
NIST’s On-wafer Calibration Methods Advance Semiconductor Research
On-chip time-lens generates ultrafast pulses
Light-matter interactions on sub-nanometer scales unlocked, leading to ‘picophotonics’
New observation method helps unlock secrets of U.K. meteorite
Dark stream sheds new light on life of galaxies
Two Uppsala researchers receive major project funding
Expanding horizons through astronomy and art
Study of ‘polluted’ white dwarfs finds that stars and planets grow together
Colliding magnetic fields reveal unknown planets
Research of ‘polluted’ white dwarfs reveals that stars and planets grow together
Researchers Explore Statistical Properties of Early-type Stars Derived from LAMOST DR8
2400 new eyes on sky to see cosmic rainbows
Hubble captures 3 faces of evolving supernova in early universe
Scientists manage to extend field of view for speckle-correlation imaging under limited memory effect
Researchers lead way in hi-tech communications
When star bares all
Eyes on Night Sky: Total Lunar Eclipse Happening Tuesday
Quantum materials enable next-generation photonics and mobile networks in terahertz regime
First neutrino image of active galaxy
Can Cosmic Inflation be Ruled Out?
Wobbling like spinning-top – surprising observations of X-ray pulsar
Scientist unveils further proof of salty water on Mars
Gamma Columbae: story of cosmic striptease
Research tests fundamental force advancing understanding of universe
Physicists have proposed theory of solidification of iron-nickel alloy
Stellar researcher joins University