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Uncommanded TOGA mode activation shows how flight crews can be faced with non-normal situations
Airspeed miscompare indication due to pitot tube blockage
Unsecured locomotive hatch exceeded rolling stock outline prior to collision with train on adjacent track
Thorough pre-flight preparation best defence against flying into deteriorating weather
ATSB releases R22 wirestrike mustering accident investigation preliminary report
ATSB investigation highlights safety issues with emergency egress from Cessna 206 rear cargo door
Greg Hood retires as ATSB Chief Commissioner
New inspection procedures introduced for Cessna 441 emergency exit doors following depressurisation incident due to disbonding
Incursion removes required runway separation
Fractured wagon highlights importance of proper management of ageing rolling stock
Deviation from localiser track should have resulted in a missed approach
Depressurisation and crew incapacitation highlights hazards of system malfunctions that are not resolved by following checklist
Helicopter accident after last light highlights significant risk of visual pilots attempting to fly
Limited consolidation on type, reduced safety margin while operating
Interim report outlines planned safety action following Wallan XPT derailment
ATSB issues Safety Advisory Notice to Robinson R44 helicopter operators following drive train failure
ATSB releases Sutton Cessna 172 power line survey accident preliminary report
Fuel exhaustion and highway forced landing highlights importance of accurate fuel management
Pilot uncontactable for 40 minutes fell asleep due to fatigue exacerbated by mild hypoxia
Pilot incapacitation likely in Ulladulla fire fighting helicopter accident
Unapproved practice placed track worker at risk
ATSB hands over gavel to new chair of International Transportation Safety Association
ATSB releases MPV Everest fire investigation preliminary report
Iron Chieftain fire highlights inadequate international fire safety standards and regulations for self-unloading bulk carriers
Solo training flight stall-spin accident highlights potential consequences of deviating from safety-critical procedures
Beach landing gear failures highlight importance of maintenance and inspection procedures for aircraft operating
Boeing 767 freighter departs with fuel imbalance condition
SPAD due to misperceived signal highlights role of assuring train driver competence
Misheard ATC instruction resulted in Airbus A380 turning left instead of right
Elevated CO levels likely resulted in shark patrol crew’s partial incapacitation
ATSB investigation into Serpentine light aircraft accident to examine engine, propeller and fuel system components
Low-altitude marine operations contributes to fatigue cracking and engine failure on take-off
Post-training supervision of powerline stringing pilot ineffective
Pilot likely became spatially disorientated after encountering poor weather
ATSB continuing investigation into Ballina separation occurrence
Kakadu helicopter accident highlights importance of maintenance inspections and need for effective management of risks
R44 helicopter’s main rotor struck fuselage in flight, preliminary report details
Increased workload, time pressures contribute to runway incursion incident
Helicopter operator addressing one problem inadvertently created another
Engine flame-out following fuel flow regulator failure resulted
Ambiguous temporary airport works lighting contributes to night landing runway undershoot
Unclear communications lead train driver to enter track danger zone without sufficient worksafe protections
Hawkesbury floatplane accident highlights insidious danger of CO exposure
Road coach struck by freight train after stopping foul of tracks on level crossing
Unsecured insulation blanket results in pressurisation warning and emergency descent
Overgrowth contributes to helicopter tail rotor strike on landing
Out of gauge freight train wagon damages platforms
Controlled flight into terrain accident near Coffs Harbour highlights importance of pilot and flight preparation